DJ Akademiks Girlfriend Chey- His EX Gfs and Relationship

DJ Akademiks, a prominent media personality and podcaster renowned for his coverage of hip hop news and culture, has found himself in the midst of numerous controversies and feuds with celebrities and media outlets. DJ Akademiks Girlfriend Chey: Beyond his professional endeavors, his personal life has also become a subject of public scrutiny, marked by relationships, breakups, and viral moments captured on social media.

DJ Akademiks Girlfriend Chey: Past Relationships

dj akademiks girlfriend chey

According to available information, DJ Akademiks has been romantically involved with two women in the past: Angelica and Andrea Ggx. Each relationship has brought its own set of controversies and public attention.

Angelica’s Accusations

Angelica, an Instagram model hailing from the Dominican Republic, took to a viral Instagram Live video to make serious allegations against DJ Akademiks. Accusing him of cheating, abusive behavior, and labeling him as a “creep,” she painted a tumultuous picture of their relationship.

Additionally, Angelica claimed that DJ Akademiks failed to show support during a critical time, accusing him of neglect when she was hospitalized for a week.

Their relationship came to an end, as Angelica cited exhaustion from what she perceived as DJ Akademiks’ lies and manipulations. Interestingly, Angelica is set to release a mixtape titled “Gigi,” suggesting a shift in focus from the controversies to her own creative endeavours.

Andrea Ggx and Twitch Stream Speculations

Another chapter in DJ Akademiks’ romantic history involves Andrea Ggx, an American model who made an appearance on his Twitch stream in 2021. While their interactions seemed flirtatious, the nature of their relationship remained ambiguous. Fans speculated about a potential breakup when DJ Akademiks posted a video featuring himself with another woman on his Instagram story.

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DJ Akademiks Girlfriend: Current Status

DJ Akademiks is reported to be single, marking a shift in his relationship status since the controversies surrounding Angelica and Andrea Ggx. However, recent events suggest that his personal life continues to be tumultuous. A physical altercation with his girlfriend in Miami, caught on camera, attracted significant attention. DJ Akademiks explained the incident, stating that his girlfriend, allegedly intoxicated, displayed aggressive behavior towards other women at a party. The video captured him emphatically declaring, “I’m the prize!” while holding a Louis Vuitton bag, sparking a wave of reactions and jokes on social media.


The multifaceted life of DJ Akademiks, encompassing his career, relationships, and public controversies, serves as a compelling narrative that unfolds in the public eye. As he navigates the intricate intersection of fame, relationships, and social media, DJ Akademiks continues to be a figure of intrigue, generating discussions and debates across various online platforms.

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