126 Low Competition Keywords List with High CPC

In this post you will get a list of low competition keywords list 2023, this low competition keywords list is well researched. You can use this low competition high traffic keywords list in your any of existing blogs or start a blog from scratch.  Generally, High volume low competition keywords are considered good from the perspective of Search engine optimization.
Bloggers who lack proper low competition, high traffic keywords list struggle a lot in ranking their content and articles in search engines. That is why this post is for you with low competition keywords. I have also shared a detailed guide on how to find low competition keywords with high traffic. After reading this post completely you will be able to find low competition keywords with high traffic by yourself.
Low-competition keywords are those keywords that have less competition and can easily be ranked in search engine result pages. I am going to list 126 Low competition keywords with the highest CPC bidding in this post. This means you can rank as well as bank dollars easily by targeting these keywords.

Low Competition Keywords List 2023 (High Traffic Keywords)

I have listed keywords from these six categories;

  1. Technology
  2. Health
  3. Relationship & Dating
  4. Fun & Rumours
  5. Sports & Play
  6. Gadgets (Recommended)

Last Updated: 25 November 2023

I have updated this post with some latest and good affiliate keywords having low competition which comes under the Gadgets niche. Those keywords can be used for Affiliate and Adsense too.

Why High volume low competition keywords?

Low Competition Keywords List

I have been seeing for a long time how bloggers are failing and quitting blogging. 90% of those fail just because of improper keyword research. Most of them use the wrong tools while researching keywords and most of them take the data in the wrong way.

Recently, I wrote a post on how people take the Google Adwords planner data in the wrong way and after that when they fail they do start claiming the tools or say that blogging is a very tough job. I have been asked many a time by bloggers to help them in finding the keywords. That is why today I am going to add a list of competition keywords from different niches that can help those people who are struggling a lot to rank and bank.

Low competition keywords will help you in;

Rank your blog easily.
Rank your individual post.
No need for Advanced SEO.
No Investments.
Very Fast results in Ranking.

Levels of low competition keywords


Image by: altitudeacquisitions.co.uk

Generally, the Competition level is divided into three categories,

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High

However, some tools show this data on a scale of percentages (0-100). In this scaling, keywords under 30% difficulty level are considered good and easy to rank.

A common misunderstanding in taking ideas from different tools:

1. Some tools show Keyword difficulty level and Competition level. Here, you have to go for the Keyword difficulty level. The Competition level is the competition for the particular keyword among the advertisers.
2. Google Adwords Keyword planner’s competition level data is also for Advertisers.

How do these tools work?

These tools record search data for the keyword and gather information from the SERPs. Then, they analyse the first 10 results according to their DA, PA, links and other metrics. If they find that the websites already ranking have low DA, PA or less authority then they will suggest you go for that.

How to find low competition keywords with high traffic?

Well, I am already going to list here 126 low competition keywords but I know these keywords might not fulfill your all needs. So here are some tools which I recommend you to use if you think you are really in need of those tools.

1. Long Tail Pro (Highly Recommended)
2. SEMrush
3. Ahrefs
4. Moz

How I collected this data?

I used SEMrush and Google Adwords Planner while creating this list. I always use SEMrush for my keyword research to have Keyword difficulty ideas and Google Adwords planner to check the monthly search volume.

So, let me start the list of competition keywords now.

126 Low Competition Keywords List 2023

Keyword difficulty: Less than 20

Format: (Sr.No., Keyword, Monthly Search Volume)

Technology- Low competition high traffic keywords list

Low Competition keywords for Technology niche


1. why technology is good, 480
2. technology in classrooms pros, 100
3. how internet helps in education, 200
4. picture of technology in education, 80
5. importance of educational technology to a teacher, 50


6. make a blog website free, 50
7. how do you start your own website for free, 30
8. blogger examples, 300
9. popular blogs on blogspot, 50
10. best niche markets, 100


11. seo definition marketing, 50
12. google optimize website, 70
13. quicksprout seo, 50
14. google docs seo, 30
15. how does seo work with google, 20

Phone Reviews (Android)

16. phones to buy in 2023, 10
17. how to find best mobile, 20
18. htc phone specifications, 200
19. google smartphone price, 10
20. samsung led phones, 100


21. when will iphone 16 be released, 2400
22. iphone latest model 2023, 20
23. how is the new iphone, 50
24. iphones problems, 20
25. iphones announce, 20

Low competition, high traffic keywords list: Health Niche

Low Competition keywords for health niche


26. quick weight loss tips for women, 50
27. how to loose weight fast and keep it off, 50
28. best diet to lose weight fast and keep it off, 100
29. salmon good for weight loss, 100
30. how to start my diet, 200


31. diabetes cure 2020, 70
32. can type 2 diabetes be reversed with weight loss, 50
33. reverse pre diabetes naturally, 100
34. once you have type 2 diabetes can it be reversed, 50
35. diabetes honeymoon, 200


36. mucus discharge from hemorrhoids, 50
37. fastest way to get rid of a hemroid, 50
37. hemorrhoids bursting, 200
38. hemorrhoid surgery recovery time weight loss, 100
39. how to heal a hemorrhoids, 50
40. witch hazel wipes hemorrhoids, 50


41. pictures of pink eye in children, 50
42. conjunctivitis gonorrhea, 30
43. wiping eyes, 50
44. what treats pink eye, 100
45. over the counter medicine for eye infection, 200

Pimples & Skin Care

46. home remedies for red spots on face, 50
47. how to remove blemishes overnight, 50
48. nose pimple remedy, 100
49. does honey and cinnamon help acne, 100
50. face mask for blackheads and acne, 100

Low Competition Keywords List: Relationship & Dating

Low Competition keywords for Relationship and Dating

51. finding someone you love, 50
52. healthy dating relationship, 100
53. Healthy Christian relationship, 50
54. define dating someone, 200
55. when will i find the one, 500
56. start a new relationship, 100
57. finding the perfect mate, 200
58. starting relationships, 100
59. what is a guy, 200
60. how relationships start, 100
61. is this a relationship, 50
62. best way to start a relationship, 50
63. women dating tips, 50
64. how to find good life partner, 100
65. dating advice for college students, 200
66. free serious relationship dating sites, 100
67. difference between dating and relationship, 600
68. how to make it work, 200
69. how to make it work, 50
70. good relationship questions to ask a guy, 100
71. younger men dating, 200
72. serious dates, 300
73. dating in this generation, 100
74. how to meet a life partner, 50
75.christian dating help, 20

Low Competition High CPC Keywords: Fun & Rumours

low competition keywords for fun and rumours niche

76. hillarious images, 50
77. funny videos funny clips, 40
78. imgur.com funny, 100
79. humorous pics for facebook, 50
80. funny videos free online, 200
81. funny fb pictures to post, 100
82. funny friends pic, 100
83. funny college humor videos, 50
84. punny memes, 1500
85. funny jokes to send over text, 100
86. if your dog could text, 500
87. bad texts, 500
88. forward whatsapp messages, 100
89. silly messages, 50
90. funny mother daughter texts, 100

Low Competition Keywords List : Sports and Play

Low competition keywords for sports and play niche

91. live cricket scorecard full, 100
92. online cricket scoring, 50
93. online cricket live watch tv, 20
94. online watch live cricket streaming, 50
95. live soccer scores espn, 400
96. cricket world cup streaming live free, 100
97. football matches sunday, 30
98. postponed football fixtures, 50
99. karate kid master, 300
100. martial arts fighting stances, 100

Low competition keywords with high traffic: Gadgets

Digital Camera

Low competition keywords list: Digital camera

Keyword – Monthly Search Volume

101. digital camera – 201,000
102. digital camera price list – 880
103. digital camera price – 5400
104. best digital camera – 22,200
105. best digital camera 2020 – 1600
106. best advanced compact camera – 260
107. best digital camera under 10000 – 590
108. best digital camera under 15000 – 320
109. best digital camera under $500 – 390
110. best digital camera under $200 – 1900
111. best digital cameras under 100 – 800
112. best digital cameras under $1000 – 90
113. best dslr cameras under $1000 – 480
114. best cameras under $1000 – 320
115. best digital camera review – 140
116. digital camera online – 1600
117. sony digital camera price – 2400
118. canon digital cameras price list – 480
119. samsung digital camera prices – 480
120. nikon digital camera prices – 1300
121. best place to buy digital camera – 70
122. best buy digital cameras – 2400
123. canon eos 80d price – 880
124. canon eos 80d review – 1600
125. fujifilm x100s review – 720

126. sony dsc rx100 ii review – 90

Low Competition Keywords (Bonus)

Explore this post to discover a meticulously researched list of low competition keywords for 2023. Whether you’re enhancing existing blogs or kickstarting a new one, this comprehensive list is tailored for your SEO success. Optimal for ranking well in search engines, high traffic with low competition is the sweet spot for bloggers.

For those grappling with the challenge of ranking content due to a lack of suitable keywords, this post is your solution. Unlock the potential of your blog by incorporating these low competition, high traffic keywords. Additionally, find guidance on how to independently identify such keywords. By the end of this post, you’ll possess the skills to uncover low competition keywords with high traffic, empowering your content to reach new heights in search engine rankings.

In this section, I am going to add some more additional keywords which are generally long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are very specific to whatever you are selling and they are of three and four keyword phrases.

So let’s start the list;

1. Low Competition Keywords: Sewing Machines

best sewing machine reviews
best sewing machines under $500
best sewing machine for home use
sewing machine for hemming jeans
singer 4423 heavy duty model sewing machine
sewing machine for jeans and leather
industrial denim sewing machine

2. Low Competition Keywords: Virtual receptionist

virtual receptionist pricing
live virtual receptionist
best virtual receptionist
virtual receptionist software
free virtual receptionist

CPC of Keywords:

CPC of the above-given keywords varies from $0.20 to $10 approx. There is no guarantee of fixed CPC.

Suppose there is a keyword “Example Key” and tools are showing the CPC of that specific keyword is $5. Now there are so many advertisers targeting the same keyword “Example Key” but with different CPC biddings. Some of them might be bidding $0.50 and some of them bidding $7 for the same keyword.

What CPC will you expect in this case as a publisher?

So there is no guarantee of CPC rates, Sometimes you may get $5 and sometimes you may get $0.40 only for the same keyword.

All the data given in the list are estimates as there is no tool that can give you the exact data and result.

This was the list of 126 low-competition keywords that can easily be ranked in all major search engines like Google and bing.

Some you people might be thinking that all the keywords have a very low number if monthly searches and it won’t benefit a lot. But if you think so then you’re totally wrong.

See, if you are ranked for a keyword with 50 average monthly searches then it will give you the traffic of 500-1000 approx.


Simple, every keyword has 10x related and long tail keywords and once you start ranking for the targeted keyword then you also start getting traffic and rank for the other related keywords.

Trust me or not, but this is the secret of every successful blogger that they always target such kind of low traffic keywords and later these keywords help them to cover the wide results in SERPs even for a single word and branded keywords.

This post does not end here.

Now, we will learn how to use these keywords in our blogs/blog posts. 
Only having the list of keywords is not enough for ranking. It needs some powerful strategies to implement the keywords in an appropriate way and at the right place in the blog post.

Let’s have a look.

I am going to start this guide with the help of the ” Social Media Strategies ” keyword.

Before reading the post further, wait for a few minutes and think about what should be the title of the post to target this keyword.

Well, I have some titles for this keyword. You can get ideas from these titles on how you can write a post title for targeting your main keyword.

Title 1

Top 10 Social Media Strategy Mistakes to Avoid

Title 2

Best 10 Social Media Strategies That Really Work

There is not any fixed rule of using the number of keywords in the post. You can use it where it seems necessary to use.

According to me, you should add the exact keywords 3-4 times in the post body (if the length of the post is around 1000 Words), 1 in the Title and 1 in the description of the post.

Also, do not forget to target related keywords and LSI Keywords.

How to find low-competition keywords with high traffic?

Finding low competition keywords with high traffic is a crucial aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you identify such keywords:

  1. Understand Your Niche:
    • Clearly define your niche and target audience. Knowing your niche will help you identify specific keywords that are relevant to your content.
  2. Use Keyword Research Tools:
    • Leverage keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, or Moz Keyword Explorer. These tools provide insights into search volume, competition, and related keywords.
  3. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords:
    • Long-tail keywords are more specific and usually have lower competition. They may have lower search volumes individually, but they can add up, and the competition is often less intense. For example, instead of targeting “fitness tips,” consider “quick home workouts for beginners.”
  4. Check Search Volume:
    • Look for keywords with a decent search volume. While you’re aiming for low competition, the search volume should be high enough to bring meaningful traffic to your site.
  5. Analyze Competition:
    • Examine the top-ranking pages for your chosen keywords. If the current top results are from high-authority websites, it might be challenging to compete. Look for keywords where the current top results are from websites similar in authority to yours.
  6. Evaluate Keyword Difficulty:
    • Some keyword research tools provide a “keyword difficulty” metric. Aim for keywords with a lower difficulty score, as this indicates lower competition. Keywords with difficulty scores below 50 are generally considered less competitive.
  7. Explore Google Autocomplete and Related Searches:
    • Take advantage of Google’s autocomplete feature and the “related searches” section at the bottom of the search results page. These can provide ideas for long-tail keywords that users frequently search for.
  8. Check Out Competitor Keywords:
    • Analyze your competitors. Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs allow you to enter a competitor’s website and see the keywords they are ranking for. Identify keywords that your competitors are ranking well for but have relatively low competition.
  9. Consider Seasonal Trends:
    • Keep an eye on seasonal trends within your niche. Some keywords may have fluctuations in search volume based on the time of year. Capitalize on these trends to attract more traffic during peak times.
  10. User Intent:
    • Ensure that the keywords you choose align with user intent. Understanding what users are looking for when they use a particular keyword is crucial for delivering relevant content.

Remember, finding the right balance between search volume and competition is key. It’s often better to rank well for several low-competition keywords than to struggle for visibility with highly competitive ones. Regularly review and update your keyword strategy based on changes in your industry and search trends.

Conclusion: Low competition keywords List

I have given my best in writing this post and creating a low competition keywords list for you. Now it’s your turn to give some feedback and suggestions regarding this post. If you like this post then do not forget to share it with your friends using our social sharing widgets given below this post.

Identifying low-competition, high-CPC keywords is a strategic approach that can significantly impact the success of online content and marketing campaigns. By delving into specific niches, leveraging long-tail keywords, and staying attuned to industry trends, marketers can uncover hidden opportunities to maximize returns on investment.

The quest for these valuable keywords requires a combination of thorough research, an understanding of user intent, and adaptability to changing market dynamics. As the digital landscape evolves, businesses and content creators who master the art of targeting these lucrative keywords will find themselves not only reaching a more targeted audience but also optimizing their revenue potential in the competitive online sphere.

Message: I hope that you have enjoyed ‘126 Low Competition Keywords List with High CPC [Fresh List 2023]‘ article. However, if you want me to deliver more items, then please share my post. You can use the Social Sharing Widget provided at the end of every post. After all, Sharing is Caring!

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