7 Best PPD (Pay Per Download) Sites App to Earn Money

I have listed 7 best ppd sites where you can upload and earn per download. These pay per download sites are geunine and also listed pay per download App.

Upload and Earn Per download (PPD)

PPD sites are known as pay per download websites where people get paid to upload and download files. One can earn money easily by uploading files on PPD websites, be sharing links to social sites, their blogs and get paid whenever someone downloads that file. It is an easy way to earn money online from home by using Top PPD Networks. In short, we can say Download and Earn or “Upload and earn

These are the PPD affiliate programs that pay consistently without any problem so if you are searching for pay per download networks trusted by everybody online, you are in the right place. They are not just legitimate pay per download networks but also the most popular pay per download networks ever online.

Updated: If you are working on any of the listed Pay Per Download (PPD) sites then don’t try to bypass or spam to increase your number of downloads and earnings. Doing the same will result in BAN and suspension of your account and you will lose all your earned money. Some of the listed sites are not paying well so I have removed them from the list. Still, there are many good PPD Networks that pay high and good.

top best PPD sites list

If you are Tired of getting scammed by Pay Per Download Networks then here is the list of legitimate and Best Pay Per Download websites that will let you earn money.

Top 7 Pay Per Download (PPD) Sites- Upload and Earn Per download

We have listed these 7 pay-per-download sites to make money by uploading files. All of these are highest highest-paying PPD sites. You will find some pay-per-download without surveys in our list. Some of these Pay Per download app is making over $50 a day. You will find all the features and details in the post. The list starts here.
  1. ShareCash
  2. FileIce
  3. UploadCash
  4. CPA Grip
  5. DollarUpload
  6. Adscend Media
  7. LinkbucksMedia

1. ShareCash- Pay Per Download

Sharecash Pay Per Download Site

Sharecash is the most popular PPD site among the listed legit pay-per-download sites and also the oldest PPD site online. Upload your files and promote them anywhere on the internet. Visitor completes quick surveys to Download the files and you are paid. And the best of all is that you can monetize your entire website or blog by placing their code on your website and getting paid each time a visitor gains access to your site.

ShareCash is reputable PPD site that compensates users for every successful download of their content. The platform supports various file types, making it versatile for different types of digital creators.

If you have a gaming site, video site, ebook site, coupon or template site etc then this method is for you. You can earn up to $1000 with the code on your site. The minimum cashout is $10 and payment methods are direct bank deposit, bank wire, PayPal, Payza, check, skrill, debit card, pay quicker, and solid trust pay. If you promote your link on YouTube or Facebook with a lot of visitors you will be making a hell of money here.

2. FileIce.Net- Best PPD site

Fileice PPD site

I already have written a detailed article on Fileice.

3. Dreamcash- Pay per download app

Dreamcash pays their members an average of $0.07-$0.90 per download which comes out to an average of $700-$900 per 1000 downloads. You will also earn a 30% commission when your visitor buys a premium account for downloads. The unique thing about Dreamcash is that you don’t need to upload all your files, unlike the other pay per download sites, just copy and paste the link on Dreamcash and the content locker will be created immediately. The minimum payout is 10 dollars and payment methods are PayPal, alert pay, check, wire, and ETF.

3. Upload.Cash – Upload and earn per download

It is a new and updated Pay per download site in our list of 7 best PPD sites. As Dreamcash is not working so you can try Upload.cash for free.

Upload Cash PPD site

It also works the same as FileIce.Net.

Here you get space of 300 GB to upload your files and you can upload a single file with a size of up to 2GB.

It allows you to earn more with your website, blog, channel, page, application, and other types of web traffic.

4. CPA Grip

CPA Grip is another legitimate pay per download network that pays for every download to your files or apps. They pay regularly and consistently without any problem. The earnings ways are pay per download, link locker, website widget etc. Members can cash out their earnings through Paypal and Western Union Money Transfer.

You can easily earn by sending the reference link to the other visitors. If you are a beginner in PPD field then it can become a huge opportunity for you that is offered by CPA. The maintenance of your account is also very easy. Open your profile regularly and make it more attractive and impressive and convince people to download your link. Content controlling is a major feature of this site just attracts more visitors as much as you can and you can earn a handsome income. $50 is the minimum withdrawal amount and if you pay attention then earning this is not difficult.

5. DollarUpload Review

It is another website that has been online and paying regularly without issue. You can make money by uploading and downloading files. And also by locking a link to your content. You can lock your whole website or part of it and earn cash each time your visitor gains access to your site through the converted link. The payment ways are Paypal, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, Check etc and the minimum cashout requirement is $10.

Some great features of DollarUpload:

  1. You can check your reports on a daily basis which is necessary for upgrading your work and efficiency.
  2.  You can optimize your detailed work anytime which will help you to attract more visitors towards your id.
  3. This site supports more than 250 countries which claim a big chance to earn more and each link downloading gives you $1.
  4. They have millions of publishers working on DollarUpload. They offer multiple offers on time so you should check your profile daily.
  5. PPI installers, Lockers, and PPD are worthy features and make this PPD site worthy and user-friendly.

6. Adscend Media

Adscend Media is a CPA marketing solution dedicated to providing high quality leads to advertisers and great payouts and services to affiliates. A network is a great option because it provides and pays per click marketing strategy, therefore, making it a cheap option. Adscend Media ensures that the affiliates not only get opportunities in affiliate marketing but also that the opportunities last long and earn them money. The network assists affiliates in picking the best campaigns thus going a step further to ensure that they succeed in what they do.

Since AdscendMedia is highly ranked and delivers additional traffic to advertisements, it makes the process of signing up quite difficult and most people attempting for the first time get rejected. Apart from this, the network makes it to the top ten CPA networks that can earn you a great income.

7. LinkbucksMedia

Linkbucks is one of the legitimate PPD sites similar to Shargate. It is a new ppd site with a lot of monthly contests. You can earn an average of $0.08 per click. They have an event running every single month. Increase rates, lower payout limits, and increased referral rates are just some of the things you can expect to see. Visitors can choose to share your file via Twitter and Facebook on the download page which can turn that one potential download into hundreds or even thousands. You can cash out your balance once you reach $5 through Paypal, Payza, or Payoneer.

Pay Per Download Website Affiliate Program Benefits

After listing the best and high-paying PPD sites list, I would like to share the major benefits of using pay-per-download affiliate/earning programs. Here are the reasons why we should use these websites to make money online by uploading files.
Easy to get approval
Most of the PPD sites are easy to get approved. Blogs with less quality and traffic are also approved by PPD websites.
No Ban
You won’t be banned from pay per download sites, like Adsense.
High Payout
They pay up to $1 for a single download. Just 5 downloads will make you earn $5.
Lower Payout Threshold
Most of the PPD sites come with a low threshold, up to $5 only. One can easily cash out their earnings almost daily.

Smart Tip to Earn more and fast Income

Write any good tutorial or guide in MS Word and then convert it into a .pdf file using any free DOC to PDF converter. Now upload that .pdf file to any of your PPD accounts and add the link to download that book. Now if you are providing some valuable information in your file then users will definitely try to get your file by downloading from that link and you will have your earnings.

Pay per download sites (Bonus List)

These PPD platforms not only ensure a genuine earning process but also extend their services to include Pay Per Download apps, expanding the avenues for content creators to monetize their work.

  1. UsersCloud: UsersCloud is a file hosting service that offers pay-per-download incentives. Users can earn money for every download of their files.
  2. FileBucks: FileBucks is a PPD network that provides a platform for users to earn money by sharing their files. It supports various file types, and earnings are based on the geographic location of the downloader.
  3. CPAGrip: While primarily known for Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing, CPAGrip also offers a PPD option. It allows users to earn money by getting people to download their files.
  4. AdWorkMedia: AdWorkMedia is a CPA network that includes a PPD feature. Creators can earn money by sharing files and getting paid for every download.
  5. Cleanfiles: Cleanfiles is a PPD network that allows users to upload files and earn money when others download those files. It provides detailed statistics to track earnings and download activity.
  6. FileFactory: FileFactory is a cloud-based file-sharing platform that provides a PPD program. Users can earn money based on the number of downloads their files receive.

(FAQs) related to the best Pay Per Download (PPD) sites:

Always exercise caution, stay informed, and choose platforms that align with your goals and content.

1. What are Pay Per Download (PPD) sites?

PPD sites are online platforms where users can upload digital content, and they get paid based on the number of downloads their content receives. It’s a way for content creators to monetize their work by sharing files with a broader audience.

2. How do PPD sites work?

Users upload their files to PPD sites, and these platforms provide a unique link for each file. When others download the file through that link, the uploader earns money based on the download activity.

3. What types of files can I upload to PPD sites?

The types of files you can upload depend on the specific PPD site. Generally, you can upload a variety of digital content, including images, videos, documents, software, and more.

4. Are PPD sites legitimate?

Many PPD sites are legitimate and provide a genuine way for content creators to earn money. However, it’s essential to do thorough research, read reviews, and choose reputable platforms to avoid potential scams.

5. How do PPD sites pay users?

PPD sites typically offer various payment methods, including PayPal, bank transfers, and gift cards. Payments are often based on a predefined rate per thousand downloads or a similar metric.

6. Are there any risks associated with using PPD sites?

While many PPD sites are legitimate, there’s always a risk of encountering fraudulent platforms. It’s crucial to choose well-established sites, read terms and conditions carefully, and be cautious about uploading copyrighted or inappropriate content.


Pay Per Download (PPD) sites offer content creators a unique opportunity to monetize their digital assets by earning money for each download. The choice of the best PPD site depends on individual preferences, content types, and the reliability of the platform. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when evaluating PPD sites:

  1. Payout Rates: Compare the payout rates offered by different PPD sites. Look for platforms that provide competitive rates to ensure that your efforts are adequately compensated.
  2. User-Friendliness: Opt for platforms with user-friendly interfaces and clear dashboards. An intuitive platform makes it easier to manage your uploads, track earnings, and understand the overall performance of your content.
  3. Payment Methods: Consider the available payment methods and the frequency of payouts. Reliable PPD sites offer various payment options and ensure timely payments to their users.
  4. File Types and Size Limits: Check if the PPD site supports the file types you intend to upload. Additionally, be aware of any file size limits imposed by the platform.
  5. Reviews and Reputation: Research the reviews and reputation of each PPD site. Look for platforms with positive feedback regarding fair practices, reliable payments, and overall user satisfaction.

Remember that the effectiveness of PPD sites can vary based on the type of content you create and the audience you target. It’s crucial to adhere to the terms of service of each platform, upload content responsibly, and choose reputable sites to ensure a positive and profitable experience. As the digital landscape evolves, staying informed about the latest developments in PPD platforms can help you make informed decisions about where to upload and earn per download.

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  6. I will recommended CheersFile.net is the highest pay per download network it is the free file upload and if you got download you will earn from $2 to $30$.It is highest paying ppd sites and one of the best pay per download sites.

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