10 Fast Loading Blogger Template Responsive SEO Optimized FREE

fast loading blogger templates

I have updated this list of fast loading blogger template (premium blogger templates) with some fresh and new templates. All of these are FREE of cost and will give you amazing loading speed and better user experience. All these templates are fully SEO optimized and personally checked. These templates can also be used for Event blogs to maximize your earnings and CTR of Ads. So, these templates are responsive templates and best performing for long term blogs and Event blogging as well. You may also like the list of 5 best Minimalist Blogger Templates we recently published on our blog.

10 Fast Loading Blogger Template (Responsive & SEO Optimized FREE)

So, if you are searching for event blogging templates then this list will give you some good list of blogger templates.

  1. Supreme V2
  2. Premium Blogger Template FLAT-MAG
  3. Labnol.org Template
  4. Resizable
  5. Elice blogger template
  6. Gordon (Classic Style Template)
  7. Pink steady blogger template
  8. Hiero Blogger Template
  9. Takis Theme
  10. Sora SEO 2

In the journey of 1 year of blogging, we realize that templates with Search engine optimization and fast loading speed give better results. Sometimes, we use the templates which have lots of CSS designs and javascript, which make our blogs loading very slow. Slow loading websites always lose 75 percent of traffic. Users don’t like to stay on the websites, which take lots of time in loading.

Secondly, as a web owner, SEO is very necessary to drive more organic traffic from search engines to rank your blog in SERP’s. So, SEO optimized templates with fast loading speed are very necessary for bloggers to grow in today’s large competition of blogging. Templates provided by Blogger.com are usually not attractive and it also takes lots of time in loading. There are lots of best templates available for blogger users, but we need well SEO optimized with super fast loading speed. Well! today, am going to list that 5 best SEO blogger templates, which are Free to use, also which load your blog very fast.

Supreme V2

This is the second version of the Supreme this loads faster. It has awesome design 2 column and 3 footer widgets available. Adsense, SEO optimized blogger template with awesome popular post widget. It is good SEO optimized, responsive and template blog fast loading speed.

Supreme V2 SEO optimized and fast loading blogger template
Features :
  1. Responsive
  2. SEO Optimized
  3. AdSense Optimized
  4. Fast Loading
  5. Stylish post summaries and thumbnails
  6. Stylish Related Posts widget
  7. Stylish Popular posts widget
  8. Numbered Page Navigation

FLAT-MAG – Recommended (PAID)

I have listed FLAT-MAG Responsive Mag blogger template in this list as it is really one of the awesome blogger templates. This one is the 4 Column Footer and 2 Responsive Flexslider template which will double your Ads earnings by increasing your CTR for sure.

But this is a Paid one but costs $30 only. I am damn sure if you are using Adsense, infolinks, or any other ad networks then you will cover this cost in a couple of days.

But if you are a newbie and just started blogging for Fun or hobby then you should not buy this template as this one is only for money seeker bloggers.

Just give a look at this premium blogger template.

Flat Mag Fast loading blogger template
  1. Responsive and fast loading blogger template
  2. SEO Optimized
  3. 4 Column footer
  4. 2 responsive flexsiders
  5. Dropdown menu
  6. Custom 404 error page
Cost: $30 Only (for lifetime license and with support)


Labnol.org is the most popular technology based site. Labnol provides software tips, blogging tips, and many more things. There Are Many Advantages Of Having Labnol Like Blogger Template. This is the second free and fast loading responsive blogger template with good ad placement.

  1. SEO Friendly
  2. Fast loading blogger template
  3. Responsive design
  4. Inbuilt Widgets
  5. Search box
  6. Auto jump break or Read more button.

Here is the clone template of labnol.org


Resizable is the sleet and dark resizable responsive blogger template. Which is designed by makingdifferent.com. It has lots of features like 3 columns, social media icons for better connectivity with readers, SEO optimized, adsense optimized with fast loading blogger template. It is again one of the best fast load blogger templates.

Resizable SEO blogger templates


Elice a free responsive blogger template with premium features. It’s features include beautiful opt-in form on the homepage and sidebar, clean and elegant look, SEO optimized, fast loading, threaded comment. This template is best for the blog in the blogging niche. It is good template fast loading for the blogs.

  1. Nice and Clean Design
  2. Responsive Theme Layout
  3. Elegant look
  4. SEO Optimized
  5. Fast loading Theme
  6. Opt-in form on home page
  7. Responsive Navigation Menu
  8. Custom About me widget
  9. Page navigation Widget
  10. Stunning Threaded Comments Section
  11. Customized heading tags (h1 to h6)
  12. Opt-in subscribe form in Sidebar
  13. Custom Forms
Elice-Faster loading blogger template


Gordan is the clean template with less complexity. If you like simple templates with the elegant look then it is best suited for you. It has beautiful social buttons with the search bar. It has two column layout, auto read more and beautiful post teasers.

Gordon classical blogger template with fast loading speed
  1. Fast loading template
  2. Well SEO optimized blogger template
  3. Social sharing buttons
  4. Search box
  5. Popular and Recent posts widget

Pink Steady (Fast Loading Blogger Template)

This was the most awaited blogger template with super fast loading speed with a score of 90/100 in Google Pagespeed insights. Pink Steady is a mobile friendly and responsive blogger template that comes with few great customization options.
Pink steady blogger template


Hiero is one of my favorite blogger templates. The loading time of the Hiero Blogger template is just 0.65 seconds, meaning it is really fast. The Hiero is designed by publishers with a GPL license, so it is absolutely free to use. Hiero blogger template comes with a 2 column responsive layout so you can easily add your favorite widgets in sidebar. Hiero blogger template haz a responsive widget ready blog/magazine style design.

Because this template comes with a lot of customization options, it is really better for Adsense Publishers as well. This template supports all Blogger features. Its minimalistic design attracts readers to spend more time on blog. And yes, its user friendly too.

Features :

• Responsive
• SEO Friendly
• Adsense Optimized
• 100% Free (GPL License)
• Custom Menus
• Widget Ready
• Threaded Comments
• 2 Column Layout
• Blog-Magazine Style Design
• Fast Loading
• Mobile Friendly



Takis Theme

If you are looking for a blogger template that gives your blog a professional look, then Takis Theme will prove to be a great option for you. The login time of Takis Theme is just 0.8 seconds and this is probably why it is the best blogger template to come with a professional magazine look. If you are running a special niche such as tech or movies based blog on blogger, then this template will be best for you. This blogger template is not only fast and responsive but also fully mobile friendly.

The theme is optimized for AdSense or any other ad network. The subscribe feature has already been added to this template, which you can connect to your FeedBurner account. In Takis Theme you get navigation drop down menu with a additional menu feature. And yes, you can use all these features for free. This theme is available for free with a GPL license.

Features :

• SEO Friendly
• Adsense Optimized
• 100% Free (GPL License)
• Custom Menus
• Widget Ready
• Responsive
• Professional Look
• High CTR
• Magazine/News Blog Design
• Fast Loading
• Mobile Friendly
• 100% Free (GPL License)
• Amazing Sidebar Options



Sora SEO 2

Sora SEO is a popular blogger template used primarily by bloggers whose main traffic sources are search engines. If you work on a specific niche and all your traffic comes from search engines, then this blogger template will be best for you. This template is designed in such a way that the search engine can easily identify the content on the website and rank the website. Yes, rankings depend on the quality of the content, but the design of the website also contributes a lot to it. Sora SEO is a fast and responsive blogger template with a loading time of less than a second. Both free and premium versions of this template are available. But even if you use the free version, there is no significant difference in the quality of the design.

Sora SEO is a minimalist blogger template designed to attract readers to spend more time on the blog. This template is perfect for placing adsense ads on blog. This is a blogger template perfect for both Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing revenue systems.

Features :

• SEO Friendly
• Adsense Optimized
• Free/Premiums Version Available
• Custom Menus
• Widget Ready
• Minimalistic Design
• Fast Loading
• Mobile Friendly
• Search Engine Friendly
• High CTR (Adsense)



How to Upload these templates in blogger’s blog?

Only having good list of fast loading and premium blogger templates are not enough or can say useless if we don’t know you how to upload them on your blogger.

As the templates provided by blogger.com are easy to install and update on your blogger but when it comes to uploading an external template to your blogger’s blog then it becomes difficult for newbie people.

So that’s why I am writing this section also that might help those people who are not familiar with how to upload the template in blogger’s blog.

Most ofthe bloggers are familiar with the process of adding new templates to their sites, but also some of those don’t know how to apply these themes. And for those who don’t know how to install these themes, I have uploaded a video on Youtube with a live tutorial, which will guide them step by step how to upload a new template in blogger visually.

Also, you don’t need to go on youtube and make searches to find that video, I am embedding that video in this post below this paragraph. So, you can watch the video by staying on this page.

Disclaimer: None of above-given templates are designed by Tips2secure, all are collected under the guidance of blogging and SEO Experts.

Important Guidelines : Only selecting and choosing the templates won’t make your site faster. You would also have to check your CSS designs, widgets, Html scripts, and JavaScripts.

These same templates would give the different speed of website for different bloggers. If you don’t use so much of CSS designs and unwanted scripts then it would work great for you.
Pagespeed Insights is a good tool by Google developers which helps you to check the speed of your websites and this tool will let also let you know about the issues preventing your site to load faster.

You can work on their suggestions to make your blogs faster. See, in below image how they suggest about the issues and provide solutions too.

Pagespeed insights to check speed of templates and websites


Your blog design is the first thing that attracts first-time readers. You should optimize your webpage or blogger template for faster browsing experience. You need to do some practical things for optimizing your blogger template. You can use any of templates listed above and make your blog working better and fast.

Message: I hope that you have enjoyed ‘7 Fast Loading Blogger Template Responsive SEO Optimized FREE‘ article on Tips2secure. However, if you want me to deliver more items, then please share my post. You can use Social Sharing Widget provided at the end of every post. After all, Sharing is Caring!

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    1. Have you tried supreme v2?
      And also only templates do not work well in increasing speed, you will also have to make some changes in widgets, CSS designs, unwanted scripts and javascripts…and many other factors too.

      Could you please share the URL of your blog after adding templates.. I will analyse and suggest you some improvements for your blog

  2. Pink Steady Blogger Template Amazing faster, search in Google..99% 91% GTMetrix , and 99 100 poin in PageSpeed Insight..

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  6. Consultar Operadora

    I really enjoyed your article. I already used Elice in one of my blogs, for me is one of the best templates on this list, because it looks very professional.

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