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Manrega Yojna Jharkhand, officially known as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), is a crucial government initiative aimed at providing employment opportunities to the impoverished population, particularly in rural areas. In Jharkhand, this program plays a vital role in addressing the migration issue by guaranteeing employment for those in need.

This guide will walk you through the process of checking the NREGA Job Card List in Jharkhand, ensuring that eligible individuals can benefit from this employment guarantee scheme.

What is Manrega Yojna Jharkhand?

Manrega Yojna is a flagship social security scheme that guarantees 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to every rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work.

Originally known as Narega, the program has been renamed as the Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme or Manrega.

In Jharkhand, the MNREGA wages have recently witnessed an augmentation, with an increase of Rs 18. Consequently, workers under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) will now receive Rs 228 daily, effective from April 1, 2023. This revised rate includes Rs 210 from the central allocation and an additional Rs 27 contributed by the state government.

Nrega job card Jharkhand- A Gateway to Employment:

The NREGA Job Card is a crucial document for individuals seeking employment under the Manrega Yojna. It serves as proof of registration and eligibility for job opportunities provided by the government.

The new daily wage for unskilled manual workers engaged in MNREGA activities in Jharkhand has been officially set at Rs 228, marking a notable rise from the previous Rs 210, which was fixed for the financial year 2022-23 by the Central Rural Development Ministry. The upward adjustment in the wage rate reflects an increase of Rs 18, aligning with the demands put forth by the Jharkhand government to enhance MNREGA wages.

Why Check the Job Card List?

As per the state-wise daily wage rates published in the Gazette by the Union Rural Development Ministry for the financial year 2023-24, Jharkhand’s MNREGA workers will now receive a combined amount of Rs 255 per day. This comprises the revised central contribution of Rs 228 and the state’s additional allocation of Rs 27.

Checking the NREGA Job Card List is essential to ensure that your name is included, making you eligible for employment opportunities within your village or panchayat. This step is crucial for those who want to work in their local communities.

How to Check NREGA Job Card Jharkhand:

Follow these steps under Manrega Yojna Jharkhand to check Nrega Job Card list in Jharkhand.

1 Visit the NREGA Official Website:

Begin by visiting the official NREGA website at This is the primary portal managed by the Ministry of Village Development.

2 Quick Access Option:

manrega yojna jharkhand

Locate the Quick Access option on the homepage and select the Panchayats Options. This will lead you to a page where you can choose your state, in this case, Jharkhand.

3 Fill in the Details:

nrega job card jharkhand

Provide the required details such as the name of your village panchayat, district, and block in the online form. Ensure accuracy in filling out your financial year and the name of your district, block, and panchayat.

check nrega job card jharkhand

4 Click on Job Card Register:

After completing the form, click on the option for Job Card Register (Job card/Employment Register). This step will direct you to a new page containing a list of individuals with their Job Card Numbers and addresses.

5 Check Your Name:

Locate and check your name in the NREGA Job Card List for Jharkhand. If you have applied for a job card, your name should be present in the list.

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Manrega Yojna Jharkhand: What If Your Name Is Missing?

Do Not Panic:

If your name is not on the list, do not panic. Small errors may occur, and it’s advisable to wait for a few more days.

  1. Visit the Village Panchayat Office:
    In case of discrepancies, visit your village panchayat office and file a complaint. Follow the instructions provided at the office to initiate further procedures.
  2. Successful Procedures:
    After completing the necessary procedures, your Jharkhand MGNREGA Job Card will be ready, and you can verify your name in the Jharkhand Manrega list.

FAQS to Manrega Yojna Jharkhand

Q1: What is Manrega Yojna, and how does it benefit individuals in Jharkhand?

A1: Manrega Yojna, officially known as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), is a government initiative that guarantees 100 days of wage employment to rural households. In Jharkhand, it provides a vital source of income and helps address unemployment and migration issues.

Q2: What is the NREGA Job Card, and why is it important?

A2: The NREGA Job Card is a crucial document that serves as proof of registration and eligibility for employment opportunities under Manrega. It is essential for individuals seeking work within their village or panchayat.

Q3: How can I check the NREGA Job Card List in Jharkhand?

A3: To check the NREGA Job Card List in Jharkhand, visit the official NREGA website (, follow the Quick Access option, select your state, and fill in the required details like village panchayat, district, and block. Afterward, click on the Job Card Register option to view the list.

Q4: When does the new wage rate under MNREGA in Jharkhand come into effect?

A4: The new wage rate under MNREGA in Jharkhand is effective from April 1, 2023. The rate has been increased by Rs 18, bringing the total to Rs 228 per day, with an additional contribution of Rs 27 from the state government.

Q5: What if my name is not on the NREGA Job Card List?

A5: If your name is not on the list, do not panic. Wait for a few days, as discrepancies may arise. If the issue persists, visit your village panchayat office, file a complaint, and follow the instructions provided for further procedures.

Q6: How much will MNREGA workers in Jharkhand receive after the wage rate increase?

A6: MNREGA workers in Jharkhand will now receive a total of Rs 255 per day, comprising Rs 228 from the central allocation and an additional Rs 27 from the state government.

Q7: What efforts has the Jharkhand government made to increase MNREGA wages?

A7: The Jharkhand government has consistently advocated for an increase in MNREGA wages. Letters were written to the Central Government, and meetings were held with senior officials of the Union Rural Development Ministry to address this demand.

Q8: How can I raise concerns or seek assistance related to Manrega Yojna in Jharkhand?

A8: For concerns or assistance, individuals can visit their village panchayat office, where they can file complaints and receive instructions for further procedures related to their NREGA Job Card or wage-related matters.


The Jharkhand government’s persistent efforts to raise the MNREGA wage rate have materialized with this increment. Over time, the state government has advocated for this adjustment, with multiple letters addressed to the Central Government and strategic meetings between Jharkhand’s rural development officials and senior representatives of the Union Rural Development Ministry.

The revised wage structure is anticipated to positively impact MNREGA workers in Jharkhand, providing a more sustainable livelihood and contributing to the overall economic well-being of the workforce.

Manrega Yojna in Jharkhand is a lifeline for those seeking employment opportunities within their communities. By understanding how to check the NREGA Job Card List, individuals can actively participate in this employment guarantee scheme, contributing to the overall development of rural areas and mitigating the challenges of migration.

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