Propeller Ads Review: I got CPM of $0.01 [Case Study]

After writing a review on Infolinks Ad Network, today I am going to review PropellerAds, which is one of the very fast growing Ad Network media. In this PropellerAds review, you will get to know all about this Ad network and the experience I had with Propeller Ads.

Propeller Ads Review – Why I Don’t Recommend My Readers

This review is based on my personal experience with Propeller Ads network. I am Trying all the Ad networks which can be used as Adsense alternative and for providing the real pros and cons of the Ad networks to the readers of this blog.

I never use the false words like, ‘Read how I am making 1000 USD every month with this’, ‘Read how I earned 1500 USD using this Ad network’. Why I am saying like this because when I came to know about the popularity of Propeller Ads, I just did some searches in Google to find out the experiences of the people who are already using them. But on the first page, I found the titles like which I mentioned above.

When I read their reviews, what I found some of the blogs who were making 1500 USD with propeller Ads network were very new and I think they would not have any good amount of traffic.

Ask a question yourself, Is it possible to make 1000 USD a month for new blogs?

I also noticed that blogs were not running any single Ad on their blogs then how they earn this much amount with propeller Ads?

I am still confusing and thinking, is this Ad network distributing money for free? If yes then how I can get that money because I am also a blogger and have a blog.

Trust me guys, 90% reviews which you find on the Internet are fake and with false statements, because some of them get paid money for writing those type of reviews and some just write false articles to attract readers and to be get ranked in SERP’s.

PropellerAds review

PropellerAds Review ~ My Experience

Well, now I am going to share my true experience with Ad network. I run their Ads for a day and delivered 2480 impressions and earned around $0.024 and I got the CPM of $0.01. I will also share screenshots of what I am saying.

I asked Propeller Ads about low earnings and they advised me to run Pop-under Ads if you want to get better CPM. But I did not use it because if I used then it could spoil my readers. I will also discuss Pop-Under Ads in this post.

Here are my short story and experience with Propeller Ads Network

Last week I saw an Advertisement of this Ad network on Facebook that was claiming to pay $7 per thousand impressions. I also read that they pay on the CPM basis, not on CPC. Means, clicks do not matter in revenues they only count the Ad views. I found this thing interesting for the bloggers who always face the issues of low CTR.

I applied for this Ad network as publisher and I got approved instantly. I created a banner Ad unit and published on Tips2secure. The Ad was started displaying on my blog. I ran the Ad for around 12 hours and delivered 2480 impressions, 4 clicks and earned $0.024 and the CPM I got was $0.01. It was not $7. Here the screenshot and payment proof of my earnings from Propeller Ads network.

Propeller Ads latest Payment proof

Propeller Ads Review: Should You apply or not?

Here I would like to suggest you if you have a blog related to music, mp3 songs, or you are offering downloadable files then it may perform well for you.

I got some messages from my readers that they are getting CPM of $0.35 to $0.60 for Pop-under Ads. But I will never recommend it if you are working on the blogs related to technology, blogging guide, and tutorials. If you want to build a brand for your blog then again I won’t recommend using it.

To be honest you should go for some PropellerAds alternative. Here I would recommend you to give a try to AdNow. But again Adnow will work better only if you own viral and heavy traffic websites. AdNow provides Widget based ads (similar to related post widgets with Sponsored Ads). It does not annoy your readers.

Update: According to some online threads and forums Adnow is not paying but the reality is they are banning the users who use bots to deliver fake traffic and clicks.

To give a try AdNow, just Visit the official Adnow website

Click here to Visit Adnow!

Do you want to know my Favorite AdNetwork after Adsense?

I am Adsense lover but in the case where my other websites that don’t follow Adsense policies then I always go for InfoLinks. No doubt, Infolinks is always the best Adsense alternative but their approval process is quite tough.

But I have a good tip for you if you want your website get approved by Infolinks Team. SignUp Infolinks using the link below and in your application mention that you have been referred by Suresh from Tips2secure. I am working with Infolinks as an aff. partner so if you mention Tips2secure in your application then your Acceptance chances will be higher.
Join Infolinks (My Favorite)

Propeller Ads Review: What are Pop-Under Ads?

Pop-under advertisement opens a new browser window hidden under the active window. Pop-unders do not interrupt the user immediately and are not seen until the covering window is closed, making it more difficult to determine which web site opened them.

In short, this type of experiences makes users think that the website has some virus affected files and may harm their system and as a result, they start ignoring to read that website or blog.

Now, I would like to discuss their Ad unit types. No doubt, they have a large number of Ad unit types.

  1. 120×600 Skyscraper
  2. 160×600 Wide Skyscraper
  3. 468×60 Full Banner
  4. 300×250 in video banners
  5. Interstitials ads
  6. Catfish ads
  7. Slider ads
  8. Layers
  9. Pop-unders
  10. Video pre-rolls
  11. Site skins
Here is the little description of these Ad types.

1. Skyscraper
A skyscraper ad is a tall and narrow banner advertisement usually placed to the right of content on a Web page. Standard dimensions for a skyscraper ad are 160 X 600 pixels.

2. Video Banner Ads
This type of Ad plays video of advertisers automatically. Advertisers do advertise their products using videos instead of traditional banners.

3. Interstitials ads
Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that cover the interface of their host application. They’re typically displayed at natural transition points in the flow of an application, such as between activities or during the pause between levels in a game.

4. Catfish Ads
A catfish ad unit is a banner that appears over the webpage at the bottom of the browser window. The catfish unit stays visible as the user scrolls the page unless the user closes it through the closing button.

5. Slider Ads
Slider Ads give you extra inventory without impacting your existing ad space. This ad format โ€œslides upโ€ at the bottom corner of the screen; it moves along with the page as the user scrolls down and settles in the bottom corner when the scrolling stops.

6. Layers
Layer advertisements are small pop-ups that appear whenever a visitor visits a site that contains a Layer-Ad code. Layer-Ads are not seen as pop-ups and therefore, are not blocked by browsers. 

7. Pop-Under Ads
This Ad unit is already discussed above.

8. Video Pre-roll Ads
A pre-roll ad is a promotional video message that plays before the content the user has selected. The video advertisements are often repurposed television ads. Pre-roll ads are the most common form of the video advertisement. There are also mid-roll and post-roll ads.

9. Site skin Ads
A skin ad appears in the background on both sides of the web page and it is clickable. This ad format uses CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code to set the background image and make it clickable.
Site skins Ad example
Image source:
And how the skin looks in action:
how Site skins Ad looks
Image source:

PropellerAds Reveiw: How and when they pay Publishers?

Publishers are paid on Net 30 days from the date the invoice is received. Minimum payout is $100 for Payoneer payments and $500 for wire transfers. If the balance is lower the amount is carried to the next payment circle.
At the moment, they have only wire transfer and Payoneer as their payment methods.

Above shown income proof is only for the Banner Ad units. I did not try their other Ad units, so I am not sure about the CPM of other Ad units. It may work better. However, they also claim to pay higher CPM for pop-under ads.

If you are still in confusions and questions then according to me it would be better to go ahead, try and see the results yourself. It may work for you. We all know that the same strategy works differently for different bloggers and also gives the different results.

Overall, learning and testing new things are one the most important skills of a blogger. I tested it and now I have posted this review here. If I can do then why you can’t?


To be honest, if you also want to earn such low CPM’s then you may opt in Propeller Ads but I will never recommend you to go with that.

No Ad Network can compete the Google Adsense but if you are not approved for Adsense or blocked by Adsense then you should try AdNow or Infolinks.

I would also like to have your valuable comments on this post regarding this Ad network. If you would share your experiences with this network including earnings and CPM’s then it would be beneficial for our readers and personally, I shall be thankful to you.

Message: I hope that you have enjoyed ‘Propeller Ads Reviews: I got CPM of $0.01 [Case Study]‘ article. However, if you want me to deliver more items, then please share my post. You can use Social Sharing Widget provided at the end of every post. After all, Sharing is Caring!

59 thoughts on “Propeller Ads Review: I got CPM of $0.01 [Case Study]”

  1. Adventures in Aussieland

    Someone recommended Propeller Ads to me the other day. After reading this, I do not think I will be trying them out. I think I'll just stick to AdSense.

    Adventures in Aussieland

  2. Hello,
    My name is David and I represent PropellerAds network.
    Thank you for your review, however it contains one serious mistake – we don't promise to "pay $7 per thousand impression" of banner ads at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This headline is related to POPUNDER ads only, but as you said "I did not try their other Ad units".
    And we claim UP TO 7 USD (not the fixed rate), because revenue rate depends on many factors like traffic GEOs, device, platform, volume, performance e.t.c.

    Best regards,

  3. Yesterday I also tried their ads on my website actually I want a way to get revenue from mobile visits. So, I tried their Interstitial ads for mobile but they seems to be spamy when I test them on my mobile device. I am not sure about the revenue generation and CPM rates I immediately took them off after few minutes of their code being on my website.

  4. ErisSanguisCaedis

    Hello thank you very much for sharing your review and experience on these google adsense alternatives. So far, what could you recommend aside from propeller ads and adhitz? Thank you

  5. Really man !! I am fed up !! i am stuck for my previous earnings :3
    Here goes my this month snap-shoot >_<

  6. Kumar nize work. Propeller ads could have been one of the best alternative to AdSense if they were more sincere/open with their terms of operations. I recommend amazon native ads for bloggers with Us,UK, Canada traffics

  7. Based on my experience as a publisher (until now), if you don't want to use popup ads then don't run propellerads. But if you are willing to use popup ads then propellerads is going to give you high cpm rate. I got cpm rate above $0.60 (average)

  8. I'm also using Propeller Ads. And my CPM is 0.06$ Now i just hate this network..

    Admin What about "AdNow" Ad Network

  9. Thank you for nice review about propellerads. Hope Propellerads team can improve the CPM rate after read your posting.

  10. Be aware that "Propellerads" insert an adware/malware virus called "onclickads" that is almost impossible to remove that will affect your computer performannce and your page rank since constantly yuur page will be blocked by antivirus software and rendered unsafe

  11. Shantiman Shrestha

    I was thinking to install propeller ad on my next blog, but after reading your article I am confused.

  12. I just don't like this Propeller, How can they approve ad with spammy sites and got to spread those on my site.. I just removed it after 1hr of putting it. Propeller is a no go area if you are using Adsense

  13. I have registered ( )with them already but feel like I must quit and join popads…
    anybody with approved adsense account here

  14. Crap, crap, crap, crappy I say propeller ads is is a spammers' advertising paradise for junk downloading services. I installed the WordPress plugin on my site just a moment ago and tested to see if it made any sense installing it on my blog. First interaction from a redirect link to a page telling my computer is heavily infected with a virus and am to download Microsoft virus cleaner to remove said virus which a trick to get me to download a file.
    I knew instantly that this is not proper marketing and Propeller ads appears to e having some desperate times going on over in their department.
    You guys really need to keep your advertisers in check as there doesn't seem to be any quality advertisers coming from this network.
    Even though I have activated their so called pop under code my site was being redirected the very minute the page loaded – that's bullshit and is bad business especially if you have Google adsense installed on your web pages.
    I wouldn't even advise my worst enemy to go for this kind of shaky, shady, loose type of advertising network. These people should be put to the sword for treason and deception.
    I urge sensible marketers to stay away from these types of networks do not give up your credibility for the worthless sake of a dollar.

  15. how do we remove propeller ads for my current blog and which is best alternative to adsense.please reply

  16. I have tried Adnow and I had $11 in my account and than one day when I tried to login to my account it said Password is not correct. I have tried to reset password and never got email to reset password. I have already sent over 4 emails to adnow but they never reply.

    So I suggest you to stay away from AdNow.

  17. I tried this network, waiting for stats. I agree it is a low quality spam nest. If you own a credible blog you would not want these ads browser locking your audience. However you could run some pages out of sight and arbitrage away. It depends on the payouts. Of course no one is going to buy premium traffic so its a bit like buying a cheap turd and hoping it turns into better one when you sell it on. I'm not holding my breath for a bumper pay day here.

  18. here is my experience in propeller ads media
    55k impression / 7k clicks / cpm 0.251
    total earning : 13 $

    very poor

  19. Hello, While this review is honest and i totally agree with it, but still propeller ads can make you good amount of money but it depends on your niche, it needs the type of websites that have file downloads or movies. it also need alot of traffic anything bellow 5k visitor per day will not make any good money. and from my experience all these types of ads networks are the same just stick with the popular of them or go to adsense which is totally diffrent story

  20. Just to pop this one up as I am getting $0.01 / 1000 on mibile traffic, some others publishers also claim the same thing, stay away, useless network

  21. Hi!

    I just read your review, and I was worried because my CPM yesterday was $0.19 – when I was under the influence it would be higher.

    I switched to PopAds which offers daily payouts, and less-intrusive ads.

    However today I look at PropellerAds and it show a CPM of $3.01

    Should I stick with PopAds or try Propeller Ads?

  22. There are pop under ads which you can use.These popups appear after someone close the site on which you are running pop under.Pop up is different .Popunder are good and aren't bad for site reputation.There is a big difference between popup ads and pop under ads.

    1. Propeller ads is the worst network ever.

      Don't work for them, they are cheaters and have bad support. As a publisher, i used twitter ads platform to promote their direct url and had 120,740 impression but propellerads stats don't correlates and my twitter spend wasn't meeting up with propeller expectations.

      Very low cpm and url contain malware.

      They blocked my account suddenly after driving quality traffic via twitter for them and claimed it due to artificial traffic. I have proof of twitter stats report and SEO services I used to send traffic. I asked them is twitter website is artificial traffic? No reply

      Propeller ads network is a bad site, they are cheaters. Don't ever consider using them.

  23. Hi there i also get a Very low cpm of 0.03 after 1,634 impressions and 118 clicks with 7.22% of CTR. i got a total revenue of 0.05$ for that. Infolinks is a good alternative for blogs that didn't got adsense approval yet.

  24. Thank you for your honest review . I was planning to use propeller ads for my site.
    But thanks to your review I will try to look for another ad network.
    Kind regards

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