How to Recover Lost/Deleted Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

recover lost and deleted data

What is Recovery Software?

We all use Desktop Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tablets, External Storage etc, and work on all these devices. While we are working on a device one thing always happens, we always work on data and information. Without any data and information, we can’t do any task. We have to manage and maintain all data and information.

Some time suddenly, by mistake user lost the data from their device. In this condition, he feels the need to get back their important data and information. So, the user can go for data recovery software. Basically, Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted from any device, corrupted, deleted or made inaccessible.

Data recovery software is made for recover and restores the data. EaseUS data recovery software is one of the dynamic and user-friendly recovery software. EaseUS data recovery software recovers deleted, formatted, or lost data files, video, documents, virus attack from your Personal Computer, laptop, or External/ Internal removable devices easily and quickly.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Software review

1. Deleted File Recovery: It can easily and quickly recover accidentally deleted data.

2. Formatted Data Recovery: you also can retrieve formatted data. Because formatted data is not erased from disk, only data on the address tables.

3. Recycle Bin Empty Data Recovery: EaseUS data recovery software easily recovers empty recycle bin data.

4. Lost The Partition Recovery: when a partition is deleted, then addresses are totally lost, in this condition, EaseUS Recovery Wizard is Stand for you.

5. Hard Drive Damage: When the hard drive is damaged and the user lost the data. EaseUS data recovery allows to find data again.

6. Virus Attack Recovery: EaseUS data recovery software easily recovers the file, which is removed and corrupts by virus and antivirus.

7. Operating System Cache Recovery: Recover file from crash windows operation system. EaseUS Recovery system provides downloadable WinPE Bootable Recovery system.

8. Raw Partition Recovery: if your hard disk and partition suddenly becomes raw and you are not able to get back your stored data. Then hurry up go with EaseUS Data recovery software to get back you all data.

Pro Version Pricing

EaseUS data recovery software is free for a basic user. But, there is limited access for a basic user. The free version limit is 2 GB. Here is also two professional versions, the first one is PRO and the second one is PRO + WinPE. Brief detail mentioned below.

easeus pricing


How does EaseUs Data Recovery Work?

How does EaseUs Data Recovery Work

EaseUS Data Recovery can Recover data in Just a Few Simple Steps

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has easy and lesser steps to precisely locate and recover all of the lost files from your PC, hard drive, SSD, USB, memory card, laptop, digital camera, etc. there are three simple and fast steps to get back your all data.

  1. You have to click on Flexible Scanning mode and there are two options quick scan and deep scan, choose one option.
  2. You show a preview before the final step. Choose and select the data you want to recover.
  3. You have to select final step your data will be in your hand, keep a smile.
  4. EaseUS data recovery software is quite easy to manage and it is a cost-effective software as well.
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Cons of data recovery software

Some time users face lots of error and difficulties while he is recovering the data. Like:-

  1. No guaranty for 100 percent data recovery successfully processed.
  2. Increase the chance to lose the data permanently.


Ultimately, we can say that this software is worth; it is the best data recovery software.  If you have no idea how to operate any complex software and you don’t have technical knowledge, then you can go for EaseUS Data Recovery Software. If you have no idea of any other data recovery software doesn’t do experiments, because it can damage your all data and your hardware.

If you do not have the experience to handle the recovery tools, it might make your situation worse. A data recovery expert knows very well, what mistakes to ignore when running software for recovering the data safely from the hard drive and other devices. So, EaseUS data recovery software will help you to find out the best solution for data recovery, because, it is the user-friendly. Its user interface has lesser steps. Sometimes we may overwrite the lost data, we can lose data permanently.

Therefore, you either need an EaseUS recovery tool that will help you as a beginner and expert level to retrieve the lost data or you have to consider the services of a data recovery service provider and for homely use.

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