Serpstat Vs Ahrefs ~ Which one is better SEO Tool? [A Detailed Comparison]

Every website owner would wish to fully optimize their website and get the best out of their search engine optimization tool, the best you analyze and optimize your website will determine the amount of traffic the website is likely to attract.

Running a website and you are having a hard time deciding the best search engine optimization tool that you can use for your website search analytics?
Well, worry no more this article is going to help you review the two best search engine optimization tools; Serpstat and Ahrefs tool.

Serpstat Vs Ahrefs Comparison

Serpstat is a comprehensive search engine optimization tool that is designed to help online business owners to improve their performance mostly in digital marketing, content marketing, and search analytics. Both Serpstat and Ahrefs are tested by a team of reliable experts who steered a comprehensive analysis of all fundamental elements of every SEO software.

Serpstat – All in one SEO Tool

Serpstat vs Ahrefs

Serpstat is an all in one digital marketing intelligence tool that covers several SEO areas such as; Rank Tracking Backlink Analysis, Keyword Research, SEO-audit and Competitor Analysis.Serpstat is a keyword and ranking search engine tool used that is used mostly for in-depth contender analysis and making advertising campaigns.

Serpstat does keyword and domain research, provides analysis on organic and paid keywords, level of competition and cost per click. On the other hand, Ahrefs will allow you to determine competitor SEO rankings and replicate their backlink profiles.

Ahrefs – Best backlink checker tool

Ahrefs tool

Ahrefs is defined as the world’s largest catalog of live backlinks and the definitive website analysis tool, this SEO tool is most suitable for the Integrated Marketing Professionals worldwide.

Ahrefs will only be useful to you things like domain comparison, crawl reports, backlink checker, social metrics and batch analysis unlike Serpstat which will provide you with a comprehensive analysis on organic and paid keywords, it will also show you the level of competition on your website and the cost per click.

Any SEO specialists would like to have as much information as they need whenever they need it.

The best thing about Serpstat, you will not only get the ranking of one domain for the tracked keyword but you will get all the details of like the top 100 search results for that particular keyword. This will enable you to gain insight into the exact rankings of all the top 100 domains for a keyword without having to create individual projects to monitor ranks of competitors.

On top of that, you will also receive the historical data of a keyword per city or region. UnlikeAhrefs which will only concentrate more on the backlinks only on your website without giving you competitor details.
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Serpstat is also a great tool for backlink analysis which is important to any SEO power. With Serpstat, you get a detailed backlink analysis report that will include a set of anchor links together with referring pages and domains.

The Serpstatsystem will also enable you to track the backlinks of your websites and that of your competitor’s website as well. Serpstat implements a unique procedure that enables the system to determine the market share of all the domains in the top 100 search results for a particular keyword or group of keywords.
This software allows SEO specialists to ascertain inclinations and drawbacks in a domain’s visibility. Serpstat will also display variations in the market share, which provides users sentience to diligently track their competitors’ websites as well as dig deeper into the market niche.

Serpstat will allow you to analyze your own website is optimized compared to the level of optimization on your competitors’ websites.

This helps you to see what optimization practices you need to implement and what elements you need to remove.
You will also spot search new errors and duplicates and address these issues so that your websites will rank better in the SERPs.
Watch LIVE Tutorial on “How Serpstat Works

Serpstat Features

Serpstat has several best features to help you get full search optimization results, if you compare Serpstat with Ahrefs you will find that Serpstat has more features that Ahrefs. Serpstat has the following features;

  1. Search Analytics
  2. Advertising Analysis
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Rank Tracking
  5. Reports and Infographics
  6. Competitor Research
  7. Market Intelligence
  8. API
  9. Content Marketing Ideation
  10. On-Page Audit
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Ahrefs Features

While Ahrefs has the following features;

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. API
  3. Analytics
  4. Notifications

Serpstat Vs Ahrefs Rating

We give 9 out of 10 stars to Serpstat and 7 out of 10 stars to Ahrefs.

Serpstat: 9/10
Ahrefs: 7/10

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When you making the decision to buy a search engine optimization tool it is important you be keen of the features and what the software will be able to help with, if look you at the above comparison between Serpstat and Ahrefs you will see the many advantages as to why you should use Serpstat. An SEO tool that allows you to keep track of your keyword search, ranks, competitor search and also enable you to analyze your website advertising. Choose Serpstat and it will help you to optimize your website 100% thus attracting huge traffic the website since you already know what to do.

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