Vestige Business Plan- How Vestige Marketing Plan Pays in Lakhs?

Vestige Business Plan
Are you searching for Vestige plan? If yes, here in this post, we’re going to review Vestige business plan and Vestige marketing plan thoroughly. So that you can read this review and take your decision wisely.

Today there are many business opportunities for people worldwide which can give them the flexibility to work on their timing. Working in any Multi-level marketing is not just limited to sell products but also makes it a source of income.

MLM is all about to earn money through referrals and it one of the reasons to boost product sales. It means distributors are earning form their sales and also some percentage of income from the down line. As the chain continues to grow employees at every level are earning from sales.

One such company that is not only known for its high-quality products but its business model is Vestige. Many people in Indi are just running their homes with vestige and have established themselves as a successful business by working as a my vestige business plan distributor.

What is Vestige?


What is Vestige
Vestige is one of the known and famous brands that have nearly 250 products. This company was established in 2004 and since then it has gained popularity for its high-quality product and business model. Many people are working as a member of vestige to sell products and have earned through it.Vestige has gained immense popularity and so today it is possible to get its products from Amazon, Flip kart and also its official website. Initially, vestige started with limited products but getting positive responses encouraged them to introduce a range of products. Vestige can give economic independence to people.

Vestige Business plan

Vestige marketing plan

Vestige’s business plan is the same as other Network marketing companies. But the possibility of earning is very high in Vestige as compared to others. Vestige’s business plan is not a scam if you have proper knowledge and training.

Vestige joining amount

There is no discrimination based on class, sex, age and education. This means that everyone can join vestige to earn money by selling products and forming down lines. There are no vestige joining amount but initially to join business one needs to buy products worth Rs.1000 that will give 30point value.

The Vestige business plan works on two factors that are as follows:

1. Product purchase

When a person joins as distributor he/she gets price less than MRP. So, selling such products to another person would help them to earn from difference and also point volume. The distributor also earns Business volume based on products purchased and it would help to get earning based on both values.

2. Recruitment

Only purchasing products as a distributor and earning point value or business volume is not enough. You need to make your team under your name which is possible through recruitment. People working under your downlink will sell products and earn from it which will also add some value to your earnings. Thus network formation is the main goal of the MLM plan.

Vestige Marketing Plan – Types of Income

Vestige is helping people to sell products and earn through it. But that’s not all as you can have some percentage of earning by employees who are working under your team and so on. People who are dreaming to become a millionaire can join vestige where hard work will surely pay them off.

There are nearly 7 types of income through vestige which is explained as follows:

1. Retail Profit

Vestige has two prices for every product one is MRP and the other is distributor price which is 10% to 20% lesser than MRP. If you are working as a distributor and sell products to another person the difference can be your income and it is known as Retail profit.Retail profit = MRP – Distributor price

2. Director Bonus

Point Value plays an important role in the Vestige business plan. If any distributor can reach 1001 point value he/she would become the director. People who are working at this level of the business model get 14% as director bonuses directly by the company.3. Accumulative Performance Bonus

Based on vestige business plan every month distributor and team purchases products and it is calculated based on points. One pint value is equal to approximately Rs. 27 and one get points in their account accordingly. The accumulative Performance bonus is calculated as follows:

1 PV – 500 PV = 5%
501 PV – 2000 PV = 8%
2001 PV – 4500 PV = 11%
4501 PV – 7500 PV = 14%
7501 PV – 10000 PV = 17%
10001 PV and more = 20%

Points that are earned in previous months are added in the new month and based on accumulation one gets a performance bonus.

4. Leadership overriding Bonus

Once you have become the director and team working under you has reached 5650 Point value you are eligible for a leadership overriding bonus. This bonus is given by the company to the distributor.5. Car Fund

This whole business plan works on the down line and so if 3 of your down line can reach the director level you would be the star director. One who is a star level will get a 5% car fund from the company.6. House Fund

If 6 of your down lines have achieved director level you would be considered as a crown director where the company will give a 3% house fund. It would be very helpful when you are willing it buy your own home.7. Travel Fund

Every director has many down lines and if 1 of your down line is at director level you would be as a silver director. People working as silver director will get a 3% travel fund from the company.

Vestige Business Plan Pdf

We’ve tried our best in explaining My Vestige business plan and in very simple language as compared to Vestige business plan pdf. Still if you want to download Vestige business plan ppt or vestige business plan pdf file then you can click here and download the Vestige business plan pdf file.

Vestige products


Vestige products
To earn from selling products it is very important to make people believe in products. So, Vestige has high quality demanding products at a reasonable price. Prolonged use of all such products does not have side effects and so people can use it in their daily life.Vestige has a range of products like personal care, health care, house care, oral care and many more. These products are made with high-quality ingredients and fulfill customer’s requirements. Vestige wellness products are in demand as it is helping people to get important nutrients that can give them a healthy life. You can check Vestige products review here.

Earning through vestige can be increased if you are using products on your own as it will help to know about its positive side. So, if you are taking it as a serious business it is advisable to start using different vestige products in your daily life and get to know more about it.

Who should join Vestige Plan?

Many people are confused about whether they must join vestige or not. One who is good at marketing and looking out for full time or part-time income though MLM business must surely go for Vestige.

It is not an easy task and requires perfect training, marketing skills and time so before joining it think wisely. It is an opportunity for college going students and housewives to have part-time work and make it a source of income.

People who are willing to work from the comfort of their home without any peer pressure must go for Vestige. You can start under the distributor and slowly can make your team who would work for you and help to increase your income.


The business model of Vestige is quite similar to any other popular MLM companies. One is not required to pay anything as joining fees to make it as a source of income. People who assume that Vestige Scam or is illegal are wrong. It is one of the best companies in India and going for MLM in vestige is completely legal.

High-quality vestige products and best business plans are the main reason for its popularity. It is the common name today which might be heard by every person in India. Based on review Vestige MLM plan and benefits is far better than any other such company. If you too are an admirer of Vestige products join in the chain and start earning from it.

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