FastestVPN Review – How this VPN is Different from Others?

FastestVPN Review

There’s plenty other fish in the sea, but getting the hook on the right one is what’s important. This holds true in the VPN business. While there are many out there, only a few really perform up to the mark and FastestVPN is one of them.

A Little About The Company

Fastest Technology Limited is the parent company that is behind FastestVPN. The company is based in the Cayman Islands. Focused on maximum security, the company aims to help users protect their privacy. FastestVPN has just recently launched in the year 2017. Let’s further dive in to see what quality of service that FastestVPN has to offer.

From A Privacy And Security View Point

FastestVPN supports a wide range of protocols. To users who don’t know much technology just need to know that it is beneficial for them because facilitates smooth performance with protection over various platforms.

FastestVPN protocols include:


  1. OpenVPN (UDP and TCP both supported)
  2. L2TP
  3. IKEv2
  4. Xsec
  5. OpenConect
  6. PPTP.

This means that they have protocols from the most basic one to the one that provides the highest security.

The protocol selection is manual and not automatic. While some cringe and are hesitant upon knowing this, in my opinion, it is rather an advantage. This is because you can choose the protocol as per your need. If you’re making a bank transaction, you would connect to a protocol that gives the highest security such as LT2P, Xsec or IKEv2. However, if streaming geo-restricted content is your purpose, then the most basic PPTP is the one for you which does not create hindrances by slowing down speeds.

We tried their desktop app which worked quite well for us. Select the protocol and connect to the server you want to use. That is literally it. Leave the rest of the working to the app.

FastestVPN apps are developed such that they secure your data against all possible threats using 256-bit AES encryption. This provides high level of protection – exactly why we need a VPN in the first place. When connected to FastestVPN, your entire traffic is well encrypted which means that your network connection is fully protected leaving you without any worries of intruders exposing your privacy and putting you at risk.

From a privacy point of view, another thing that is great about FastestVPN is that it is a zero logging service. This means that no online activities of user – browsing, IP address, payment method, payment details – are recorded. What they do have record of is your email address and name that you provide at the time of registration. If you don’t even want to give that away, you can use an anonymous email ID and simply choose Bitcoin as a method of payment (yes, FastestVPN does allow you to make transactions through Bitcoin).

Because of their no logging policy, your information cannot be shared with third-parties even if the said part is law enforcement agency. The most they can provide is your name and email because that is all that they have the record of!

Unique Selling Propositions

What impresses me the most is FastestVPN’s extra features that are present by default without any additional charges! Most VPN services either don’t have these incorporated and if they do, they come as add-ons that you need to pay an extra price for. This is not the case with FastestVPN. These features include:

  1. NAT Firewall
  2. Malware Protection
  3. Ad Blocker

Amongst all the common ones, other attracting features of FastestVPN are:

  1. Unix Based P2P Optimized Servers
  2. Highest Number Of Protocols Offered
  3. Unlimited Server Switches
  4. FastestVPN offers 5 multi logins while many offer just 3.

FastestVPN Pricing

FastestVPN is private, secure, speedy and economical! It is the most affordable VPN service so far. Currently they have a promotion going on. It offers 3 years of service for $49.95 only. This means you save big with price being as low as $1.38 per month! If you’re not ready to commit for a long period and you’re slightly skeptical, there are other pricing plans that give you best value for money. You can later renew your subscription once satisfied. These plans, as given on the website, are:

fastestvpn pricing

1 month plan: $10
3 year plan: $49.95 ($1.38 per month)
1 Year / 12 month plan: $44.95 ($3.74 per month)

There is no free trial available but they do offer 7-day money back guarantee, which is just as good!

Payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin and AliPay. So you can choose any that you are most comfortable with. And if you want anonymity, then as mentioned earlier, Bitcoin is the way to go about it.

FastestVPN Customer Support

The website itself is great and very detailed. It has answers to most questions and the layout is pretty user-friendly. There are FAQs and tutorials to guide you through. All are made available in the Support Center and knowledge base section. If there is still something that is not clear to you, you can reach out to their representative via live chat or email. They are available 24/7/365.

Response on live chat is prompt which is very impressive. FastestVPN provides dedicated assistance as they prioritize customer needs and understand that high-quality support is necessary.

Final Thoughts

FastestVPN rose to the surface in a very short time. It took just a few months to impress its increasing customer base. The service is secure and ensures privacy. Not only that, as the name ‘FastestVPN’ suggests, they are also committed to providing incredibly fast service.

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There are a few things that we would like to see in the future such as kill switch, added servers and Netflix (on popular demand). Knowing that the service has just entered the market last year, it is only probable that they are working towards these as well.

Overall based on current analysis, with competitive prices, excellent security features and exemplary customer support; FastestVPN is bound to reach heights.

Low Prices (as low as $1.38 per month)
No free trials
7-day money back guarantee
Doesn’t work on Netflix
Zero logging policy
Wide protocol range
P2P optimized servers
Ad blockers
Compatible with multiple devices + routers
Features available without extra charges
24/7 prompt live chat
5 simultaneous connections


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