50+ Good dares over text Message to Ask a Guy (Dirty & Funny)

dares over text
What are some good dares over text? What dares to give over text… Here I’ve compiled a list of 50+ good dares over text messages in this blog post.

Everyone might have heard about truth and dare but to make it more exciting it is played on Instagram, WhatsApp, Hike and even dares over text messages. This type of dares to do over text is quite interesting and fun to play with friends, partners or even with your crush.

These good dares for guys over text is a way that can help the couple to make their love life or married life full of excitement and have some light moments with partners. Here you will get some dirty dares for guys over text, and some good truth or dare questions as well.Truth or dare over text will help one to know more about their partner which can make their relationship strong. People who are in a long-distance relationship can make it is a way of communicated and make their relationship alive. It is also very funny to play with close friends and even with family.

How to play dares over text Gamec?

good dares over text

This type of dare is quite different from the one that you usually play when you are together as there is no face to face communication. So, the task gives to your partner or friend must be proved through some proofs. It can be in the form of photos, videos or recordings of the voice. It would let the other person know whether the task is done successfully or not. So, even if you are not together can have some fun over texting with your loved ones.

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50+ Good dares over text (Dirty & Funny Dares over Text)

dares over text to ask a guy

So if you’re looking for what dares to give over text, or what are some good dares over text, then below is the list of funny & good dares to be attempted over text that can have some light moments with your partner or friends. These good & funny dares over text are quiet exciting and nerve-wracking:

  1. To make you feel special ask your partner or friend to do 20 push-ups where they should shout your name with each one.
  2. If you are playing dare with any of your male friends or your partner, ask them to shave your chest and send a photo to make it confirm.
  3. Looking for some excitement then ask the partner to go to the bathroom and take off underwear. The photo must be clicked by placing the underwear over the head.
  4. To have some fun ask you the opposite party to peel off the potato with their teeth.
  5. If it is for female friends, ask them to draw a moustache on their upper lips and send a photo of it.
  6. Ask to send the videos of eating a quarter cup of tomato ketchup. If it is for someone who avoids spicy ask to have red chili sauce.
  7. For some mischief, you can ask to send the dirtiest massage to a guy friend.
  8. If you want to check your partner’s WhatsApp even living away ask to send the screenshot of the chat list immediately. It will let you know with whom your partner was chatting recently.
  9. For a married or dating couple ask to put your picture as the phone wallpaper for 3 days. This is very difficult for couples who are dating.
  10. Ask to perform belly dance on video call until you ask them to stop.
  11. To get naughty you can give a dare to perform a sexy erotic dance with a pole.
  12. Ask to send the dirtiest message over text.
  13. For a male friend ask to find lipstick and put it on lips.
  14. Ask to write a short love poem that says about you within 10 minutes.
  15. Want to see your girlfriend in the hottest look, so ask to out on the sexiest outfit within a minute.
  16. To make one feel nervous and shameful ask to pick your nose when someone is looking at him or her.
  17. Ask to wear underwear over trousers just like Spiderman.
  18. Wear your wet leg socks in your hands for an hour.
  19. To have some fun dare to wear the dress of the opposite gender and ask to click a picture of it.
  20. Ask to call you and talk non-stop for 10 minutes.
  21. Try to do some mischief then ask to stand out of the main gate and say “hello” to everyone pass by for an hour.
  22. Ask to talk in the voice of 5 different animals.
  23. Bit of fingernail of the person around you and shoot video of it.
  24. If one has a dog, ask to eat the dog’s food and pretend it to be delicious.
  25. Screenshot of the search history of the last 2 days.
  26. Eat a handful of uncooked rice or raw noodles
  27. Ask to flirt with some common friend who is already committed.
  28. One who cannot cook asks to break eggs with head and make an omelet with it.
  29. Send the weirdest photo of you available on your phone.
  30. Romance with the wall and kiss it assuming as girlfriend or boyfriend
  31. Dip the bathing soap in sauce and lick it.
  32. Ask to do prank with your mom and say “I am pregnant”.
  33. Put ice cubes in your underwear and dance for 5 minutes with it.
  34. Ask your male friend to send 50 messages to mom and saying “I am sorry”.
  35. Send the name and photo of the first crush.
  36. Go and kiss someone on the back of their knee
  37. Ask to sing love songs as loud as possible without rhythm
  38. Wear clothes inside – out for 3 hours
  39. Take shower will all clothes on the body
  40. Go to your neighbour without reason and talk meaningless with them for at least 5 minutes
  41. Speak about the lie or mischief you have done in childhood to your mom.
  42. Clean toilet with your toothbrush
  43. Roam around your home just wearing your underwear
  44. Imitate the favorite celebrity or some person from the group
  45. To make yourself special ask to update Facebook status praising you.
  46. Close your eyes and type anything on your mobile and send it to any random person.
  47. Dance for at least 1 minute without any music
  48. Gargle with mayo or pizza sauce and shoot a video doing it
  49. Drink a cup of coffee or tea like any pet (dog or cat)
  50. Massage your face with ice cream
  51. Send the recent calling list
  52. For next 1-hour use sign language for communication with people around you
  53. Tell about the fantasy that you have never told anyone

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Benefits of Dirty & good dares for guys over text

Benefits of playing good dares over text, good dares for guys over text, dirty dares for guys over text, dares to ask a guy over text, and dares for your boyfriend over text…

  1. Playing dares for your boyfriend over text, dares for truth or dare over text, or dares over text not require any pre-plan and can be played at anytime and anywhere.
  2. Dares to do over text is not required to be close to your friends when playing dares. It is also an option for long-distance relationship couple to spice up their relationship.
  3. Try to give good dares over text which does not offend the other person but have some fun playing it.
  4. These dares to ask a guy over text is a game that strengthens bonds and even makes the relation more comfortable. Such funny dares over text is best even with married couples as they find some way to make their relationship stronger.
  5. Playing good dares for truth or dare over text is not just for laughter but can make you a creative and funny person.

These good dares over text message, dares to ask a guy over text dare questions are just for fun but make sure to make it interesting and unique. It is one of the best ways by which an introvert person can get the ability to speak and come out of their zone.

Playing dares over text will help couples to make their life more interesting and lively. So, don’t hesitate to try this out and have some spirit to make the dare possible.
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