No-Cost Grammarly Alternatives for Students

no cost grammarly alternatives

Grammarly is a popular writing tool among students nowadays. However, just because of its popularity, it does not mean that it is an excellent choice for everyone out there. The reason for saying this is that it is available in both free and paid versions.

The free version only detects basic mistakes (ignore small errors like incomplete words, etc.). On the other hand, its paid version is good, but not suitable for students because they mostly have tight budgets.

So, what’s now? How can students make their writing free from errors without spending a single penny? Don’t panic, we are here to help you out.

In this article, we are going to review the best alternatives to Grammarly for students. These alternatives are completely free to use and provide almost the same features as Grammarly. So, let’s move on to these no-cost alternatives.

Top 3 No-Cost Grammarly Alternatives for Students

Although students can find several free grammar-checking tools, below we have only discussed those that are much too close to Grammarly, and completely free to use.

1. Grammar Check

grammarly alternatives grammarchecker

This is a completely free-to-use AI-powered grammar-checking tool and can be an excellent alternative to Grammarly. Let us explain how. makes use of a diverse set of algorithms that efficiently scan the given text to detect all kinds of grammatical errors in there. If any errors are found, the tool will underline them with specific colors. The tool highlights spelling errors with a red line, grammar errors with an orange line, and punctuation errors with a blue line.

Apart from detecting and highlighting errors in the given content, this free grammar checker also provides AI-based suggestions to correct the detected errors. Students can fix the detected errors, by either clicking on each error or just hitting “Correct all” to automatic correction of all the errors. “Correct All” is the feature that makes it even better than Grammarly as you have to correct each mistake manually one by one.

To demonstrate this, we have used a sample text containing all kinds of errors to show what this no-cost grammar check looks like in action.

As you have seen, the tool has efficiently found all kinds of errors and provided suggestions, just like Grammarly.

One more thing about this AI grammar checker is that, it is available in five different languages (BTW Grammarly is only available in English). Moreover, the tool allows students to check the grammar of unlimited words at once. So, both these can also contribute to convincing you, that can be an excellent no-cost alternative to Grammarly.

Key features of

  • AI-powered error detection and correction
  • One click-correction of errors
  • Multilingual support
  • No word count limit
  • Multiple input methods (type/paste or upload the local file)


  • Easy and completely free to use
  • No signup or registration is required
  • No need to complete a security captcha
  • Highlight errors in different colors to understand the user.
  • Availability of mobile apps
  • No ads while using the tool


  • No integration to MS Word!

2. Grammar Checker by Editpad

grammar checker by editpad

Here is another reliable no-cost Grammarly alternative. Grammar Checker by Editpad is a free-to-use grammar-checking tool that scans the given text to find any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in it. It is highly quick at scanning the text, it only takes a fraction of seconds to detect errors.

Just like the tools discussed above, this also highlights the detected errors by underlining them with different colors (red, orange, blue). The tools also provide accurate suggestions to fix the highlighted errors.

To provide you with a better understanding of how the grammar checker by Editpad captures grammatical errors, check out the image below:

So, the tool has caught all kinds of errors in the input text and also provided suggestions to fix them. Moreover, this grammar-checking tool is available in four different languages, for added versatility. Moving on, it also offers an unlimited word count limit, allowing students to check their content for errors without dividing it into several small sections.

However, it does not allow them to correct all the detected errors at once. But remember, Grammarly also does not allow students to fix all errors at once.

So, at last, we can say Grammar Checker by Editpad can also be a good no-cost alternative to Grammarly. This is so because it offers the almost same features as compared to Grammarly.

The Key feature of EditPad’s Grammar Checker

  • Quick detection and correction of grammatical errors
  • Supports up to four different languages
  • Highlight errors in different colors
  • No word-checking limit


  • Easy to use
  • Available for free
  • Quick and accurate
  • Live chat support


  • Does not allow students to fix all errors at once.
  • No Browser or MS Word integration option.

3. Grammar Checker by Prepostseo

Grammar Checker by Prepostseo

We have yet another no-cost grammar checker, but this time it is from Prepostseo. This free-to-use grammar checker assists students in making their writing error-free by detecting and correcting mistakes in their writeups.

This tool is loaded with advanced AI algorithms and modern rules of grammar to accurately detect the smallest grammatical errors in the input text. Just like Grammarly, the tool not only catches mistakes but also provides appropriate suggestions to fix those errors.

One unique thing about Grammar Checker by Prepostseo is that it not only acts as a grammar checker but also as a notepad. This is because, it allows students to either bold, italic, or underline the text that they want to check for grammar. Not only this, but it also allows them to adjust alignment (left, right, center, etc.), and make headings of the text.

In simple words, this tool allows students not only to check the grammar of the text but also to format it properly on the spot, saving them valuable time.

To demonstrate how this free grammar checker looks in action, see the picture below:

Grammar checker by Prepostseo also allows students to fix all the detected at once for free. However, Grammarly provides this feature to users with paid plans.

Not just this, this grammar-checking tool also provides a free built-in plagiarism checker, so that students can scan their work for plagiarism without going to any other website. Grammarly also provides the feature of checking plagiarism, but it is only available to paid users.

So, we can say that Grammar Checker by Prepostseo can also be a good no-cost Grammarly alternative for students.

Key features of Prepostseo Grammar Checker

  • AI-based error detection and correction
  • Integration of plagiarism checking tool
  • Allows students to format the input text
  • Support up to 12 international languages
  • Availability of mobile apps


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Completely free to use
  • Resolve all errors at once
  • Multiple file upload options
  • Availability of live chat


  • Does not provide the option to download output results

Wrapping up

Grammar-checking tools have become highly beneficial for students. this is so because they allow them to quickly identify and correct errors in their assignments free from errors. However, the problem is good grammar checkers like Grammarly are paid and their free version does not offer features that students want. So, to solve this problem, we have come up with three no-cost alternatives to Grammarly. The above-mentioned tools offer almost the same features as Grammarly without charging a single penny.

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