Grammarly vs Quillbot- Which one is better? Review

grammarly vs quillbot

Here we are reviewing Grammarly vs Ouillbot in order to make sure you end up buying the one which caters to your needs the best. Both of these grammar detection tools have their fair share of prose and cons. Each one of them is infused with specifications distinct from the other. Their features will be discussed in detail and tallied at the end for you to get an overview of these platforms. After going through this review we hope that you will not have any doubts regarding which one is better between Grammarly VS Quillbot to choose right.

We acknowledge how important maintaining proper grammar is to you as a budding writer. While in flow, writers do make mistakes and proofread them later.

Grammar analytics of a write-up heavily influence its credibility among readers.

Checking manually would not only cost too much time but would have chances of some spelling errors and other minor writing flaws being left out.

Extensive texts with too many words are even harder to handle. With the advent of the digital era, grammar fixing, detecting ambiguity, and tone correction have become a child’s play through software built to catch writing errors.

Even if you’re from a non-writing background, keeping grammar in check is still necessary.

While creating business proposals and other write-ups in a corporate setup one needs to ensure the write-up is grammatically sound.

Incorrect grammar can give out a bad impression of you. Not everyone is blessed with flawless English skills. So to avoid embarrassment, software dedicated to providing correct grammar and punctuation can be used.

Neither a novice nor a writing professional can afford different tools to be used for write-ups simultaneously.

Looking out for the best becomes even more important in this situation.

Writing improvisation platforms are a one-time investment once bought; you’ll have to adjust to it at least for a month or so.

In this article, we will discuss two widely popular software. Over the years they have established themselves as the most used platforms for grammar rectification. They are quite similar in nature with few differences in operation.

Why do you need a grammar-fixing tool?

  • It Helps you shape grammatically sound sentences.
  • A word when placed differently in a text can change the whole meaning. So these tools can aid you to write sensible sentences and give suggestions whenever required.
  • They also offer the paraphrasing feature to rewrite your content within no time.
  • Please platforms come in handy in the improvisation of your write-up without hampering its intent.
  • It helps check your content on active and passive fronts to maintain Yoast readability.
  • They use machine learning or AI mechanisms to help eliminate grammatical errors. Their intelligence behind the dashboard helps you frame top-notch content.
  • They operate amazingly over 400 kinds of grammatical rules & regulations.
  • They give your content a flawless touch and sensible structure.
  • To improve Yoast readability they also suggest hard-to-read sentences that need improvement.

Grammarly vs Quillbot: GRAMMARLY OVERVIEW

Grammarly is a paraphrasing and grammar detection app usage of which can improve the readability and context tone of the content. The best part is, the free version of Grammarly is better than the paid version of many other websites serving the same purposes. Once you’ll operate it, the charges would seem reasonable. Apart from grammar and punctuation checks, there is also a feature involved for writing style recognition in context to the theme of the content. Grammarly is the best-in-market app when it comes to speed checking. It can give you error-free content within no time.

HEADQUARTER IN – San Francisco, California, US.

FOUNDED BY – Alex Shevchenko & Max Lytvyn



  • Tone check
  • Active & passive voice check
  • Grammar fixing
  • Plagiarism detection
  • AI copywriting assisting


  • A commendable writing enhancement tool.
  • Grammarly offers punctuation and syntax checking and above all, it also offers detailed analysis reports to help you gain insights into your writing style.
  • Grammarly has a very comprehensive yet easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Can be used as a browser extension or through the app on your computer as well.
  • It is equally compatible with iOS and android.
  • You can alter the writing style in alignment with the concept of the write-up.
  • Grammarly works fine with about 400 kinds of grammatical errors.
  • It can detect active passive voice, prepositions, repetitions, spelling errors, and many other common grammatical mistakes.
  • With the use of Grammarly, you can improve your Flesch reading score as well.
  • Their constant use can improve your grammatical proficiency.


Though Grammarly is very popular, some flaws need to be revised.

  • Many people stopped using Grammarly because the Safari extension does not work with a medium.
  • Grammarly has this very unique feature of recommending suggestions to be made in content. Many of them are right and many of them are not right. So the recommendation feature of Grammarly can’t be used.
  • The monthly package is not as cost-effective as the annual one.

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Grammarly vs Quillbot: QUILLBOT OVERVIEW

Another grammar-checking and citation-generating tool which is also popularly used for paraphrasing detection is Quillbot. Several writers use this as an alternate Grammarly. Ouillbot with its AI feature can produce content. Ouiltbot comes with a chrome extension and Microsoft Word add-on. The free package has many amazing features. Also, Quillbot offers browser-based solutions. Would cost you $15 every month. It helps in summarising the content as well. Based on artificial intelligence, Quillbot also helps eliminate superfluous words. It offers suggestions with the employment of  Creative+ mode.

HEADQUARTER IN – Chicago, Illinois

FOUNDED BY – Rohan Gupta, Anil Jason & David Silin



  • Paraphrasing
  • Citation generator
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism detection
  • AI copywriting assisting

PRICINGS – $8.33/month


  • An amazing sentence rewriter.
  • A must-use affordable tool for longer contents.
  • An In-built feature called synonym slider helps you adjust how many words can be replaced in the content being targeted to be paraphrased.
  • In Quillbolt you can freeze a sentence that you don’t want to get replaced while paraphrasing.
  • With the help of browser extensions they offer, they could be used in web applications like Google Docs and MS Word.
  • With the application of its fluency mode, a write-up can be made super smooth and seamless.
  • Slang check options are an ultimate rescue to refrain from drafting an informal time into a formal document.


  • Though it has plenty of applications, it can only generate content in English.
  • In Quillbot only 20 pages can be checked for plagiarism in a month.
  • Allows only 150 words to be paraphrased with the free version


It color codes the word which needs rectification in red.Quillbot colour codes the errors in different colours.
If you have an extensive budget, blindly go for Grammarly however, on a monthly basis it has a hefty price.Quillbot is a lot cheaper than Grammarly.
Grammarly has rich features and it is compatible with many objectives.Quillbot works fine if you only want to repurpose content.
As the name suggests Grammarly serves amazing grammar detection purposes.Quillbot is more famous as a paraphrasing tool than a grammar detection tool.
Does not have thesaurus support.Quillbot has an in-built thesaurus support system.
Grammarly does serve any such purpose.Quillbot is good as an SEO optimization tool too!
Unlimited pages can be scanned for plagiarism detection.Only 20 pages can be scanned for plagiarism detection.
Grammarly does not possess a summarising feature like Quillbot.Quillbot has an enthralling summarising feature.
Grammarly offers an exclusive discount on prices to students.Quillbot does not entertain any such scheme.

Grammarly vs Quillbot: FINAL VERDICT

After analyzing them on different parameters we can conclude both of them are good but the verdict is a bit inclined towards Grammarly. Both platforms are a one-stop solution for your write-up requirements. But Grammarly was in this league when no when was which surely gives it the first-mover advantage. Grammarly is right now the most used software for writing refinement. As already said, Quillbot makes an amazing alternative to Grammarly and has many advanced features. But what professionals have to say about Quillbot is, it is a jack of all trades but a master of none. Features like colour coding and freezing while paraphrasing content are amazing. Grammarly outperforms Quillbot over many grounds and thus wins the battle. However it’s your call, choose the one you find yourself more compatible with. Both of them will be serving the same purpose which is to enhance your writing style.

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