8 Best Low Competition Keywords Finder Tools [Updated List]

I have recently published a list of 126 low competition keywords on this blog. Users enjoyed and loved that article too much.Today I am going to list 5 best low competition keywords finder in this post. These tools will help you in finding those keywords who have very less competition and can easily be ranked in search engine result pages.

After adding the list of low competition keywords, I realized that only 100 keywords would not be enough for any web or blog owner. No doubt, I am updating that post with new ideas and keywords. You can follow that list too along with the guidance of this post.

In this post, I am not going to list the keywords but the tools that I use in my keyword research to find low competition  keywords. Once you get these tools then you can easily find and search thousands of low competition keywords in a few clicks.

Even it is recommended by almost all SEO-Gurus to work always on keywords with less competition. These type of keywords help in:

1. Higher and fast ranking of blogs
2. Increasing sales and conversion
3. Bring targeted traffic
4. Help in increasing the blog subscribers
5. Solving the users queries
6. Help in SEO and getting natural backlinks from other sites.

8 Best Low Competition Keyword Finder

1. SEMrush (Personally Recommended)

Semrush - Low competition keywords finder

I have personally been using this tool for last 1-2 years. This tool performs better than others and gives the keyword difficulty level ideas. It shows the difficulty level on the scale of 1-100. If the keyword difficulty level is higher then it means the competition for that particular keyword is also higher.

It is suggested to target only those keywords having keyword difficulty level is less or equal than 30. Sometimes, you may find some keywords with Zero competition that means there is no or very less competition (sites with low authority).

Luckily, SEMrush is providing 30days trial access for their PRO version for free to the readers of Tips2secure. You should grab that free trial offer.

2. KWfinder.com

KWfinder SEO tool

While talking less competition keywords finder tools how one can ignore KWfinder. It is also one of my favorite tools. I use this tool occasionally, as the data of KWfinder is not latest (updated) at all. Sometimes, it does not have some important or latest trending keywords in their list.

KWfinder also helps in finding long tail keywords which are ideal for SEO.

3. Long Tail Pro (Recommended by Professionals)

Long tail pro keyword research tool

If you are serious about your blog/website ranking then you should never miss Long Tail pro. This is the only tool which has been recommended by top SEO gurus and professional bloggers. This tool helps in finding the long tail keywords with their competition level data.

This tool uses unique algorithms in the research of keywords. It analyzes the DA, PA and other ranking signals of the sites already ranking in SERPs and then shows the competition level data of keywords.

 Read more and use Long Tail Pro for free for 15 days here.

4. KeywordTool.IO

I have listed KeywordTool.io at the fourth position in our list and it is also one of the best performing low competition keywords finder tools. It integrates Google Instant and Google Suggest in an easy to follow ways.

5. Google Trends

Google trends

Trending keywords have always less competition for you only if you grab the keyword at the right time (before others).

Google helps in finding the trending keywords.

Access Google Trends here.

6. UberSuggest:

UberSuggest is currently one of the best free keyword finder tools out there. If you have been in the blogging and digital marketing industry for a long time, then you must have known about Neil Patel. If you don’t then let me tell you that Neil Patel is currently one of the biggest digital marketers in the world, who has worked with many companies like Facebook and Microsoft and currently teaches about Digital Marketing and SEO to other people as well.

Ubersuggest is a free keywords finder tool made by Neil Patel. Earlier UberSuggest was completely free but now after using it 3 times a day, you will have to login to use it. UberSuggest is one of my favorite keyword finder tools because it is free and gives the accurate statistics and reports just like any other paid keyword finder tools. By using UberSuggest, you can not only find low competition keywords, but can also check keyword density and backlinks of competitors.

If you’ll search about any keywords on UberSuggest, you’ll also get to know about other keywords related to that main keyword. Also, you will also know how often those keywords are searched in a month and whether it is easy to rank the website on them or not. Apart from all this things, UberSuggest is an easy-to-use tool.

7. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is one of the most commonly used keyword research tools by publishers and digital creators. Ahrefs is a paid tool but if you are ready to invest a bit of money in your business and want to work with full planning then there may be no better option than Ahrefs. With the help of Ahrefs, you will not only be able to easily find low competition keywords but can also easily analyze any website. If you do link building work to rank your website on search engines, then Ahrefs can also help you in this. With the help of Ahrefs you can easily find that your competitor website has got a link from where.

On the Ahref Keyword Explorer tool you get 1,000+ keyword suggestions with Accurate keyword difficulty score. With this, you can easily find low competition and high density keywords related to your main keywords. Ahrefs offers a lot of plans to its customers, out of which my personal favorite is 87 $ plans in which we get one year of Ahrefs subscription. If you want, you can use the trial plan of Ahref for 7 days by only paying 7 dollars. A special feature of Ahref is that it works in more than 150 countries.

8. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is currently one of my favorite keyword finder tools. With the help of this tool, anyone can easily find the best keywords for themselves. I personally like the interface of GrowthBar Keyword Finder tool. In GrowthBar, You’ll get hundreds of keyword suggestions related to your main keyword. Unlike other tools, GrowthBar is really easy to use. Its so easy to do keyword research by using GrowthBar, all you have to do is type your kain keyword and click on the search button and you’ll get hundreds of keyword suggestions there.

How to become an Expert Keywords researcher?

If you want to make yourself an expert keyword researcher then you will have to follow a simple but un-revealed trick. Let me explain the secret.

Don’t be dependent on any single Tool.

If you really want to work as an SEO expert then don’t depend on the results of any single tool. You should make a combination of tools to get most desirable and accurate results. This is the step used by pro bloggers.

For example,

You may use Google Adwords keyword planner to check the monthly search volume and SEMrush/Long Tail Pro to check the Keyword difficulty level of that keyword.

Do You Know?

You can make money by researching on keywords without any blog or website. Yes, it is true. Let me explain how?

1. Sign up on any SEO or freelance marketplace website. (Fiverr is recommended here)
2. You can start offering Keyword research services.
3. With the help of above-listed tools to find low competition keywords you can easily complete the task of your clients and you will earn a handy income.

For instance,

Fiverr Gigs to find low competition keywords

You can open Fiverr and search this term, “keyword research” and there you will find lots of Gigs offering the same service of doing keyword research to find fewer competition keywords. Sellers of those Gigs are making a handy income.


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  1. Very Nice info suresh bro, I used Keyword planner for monthly search and KWfinder to know the competition level and this works great

  2. I prefer KW Finder because it uses colors (green for easy, red for hard) to show you the difficulty in ranking for select keywords.

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