Serpstat Vs SEMrush [Detailed Comparison]

serpstat vs semrush

Serpstat Vs Semrush, which one is better SEO tool? We have been getting such kind of emails & messages for a long. Hence, in this post, we shall compare two SEO tools that are quite the talk of the town these days – Serpstat and Semrush. Go ahead and read along to know which of the two upholds a dominant stand, based on features and specifications and market research alike.

The internet, as of today, is trending pre-dominant primarily due to SEO. This can be attributed to the fact that users from all over the world tend to use specific generic terms when it comes towards online searches. This has inadvertently led the websites and blogs to target user-specific searches so as to improve the page rankings in the overall search category.With the advent of SEO, APIs became increasingly popular. These APIs are extremely useful when it comes towards intricate data mining and keyword extraction. Additionally, these find easy application in the most complex and variety of data sources. Thus, the APIs form the basic foundation for automated reporting and market growth on the whole.

Serpstat Vs Semrush – Description of Software

Let’s start the comparison of these two by knowing the description of both the software.


Serpstat SEO Tool (My Favorite Tool)

Serpstat SEO tool

Serpstat is keyword research and ranking tool that is quite in demand in the present market scenario. This particular tool is important for analyzing the competitor growth and presenting the appropriate business strategy for outgrowing them. What this tool basically indulges in is an in-depth analysis of domain, organic and paid keywords, the current competitors and the CPC (cost per click) respectively.

Distributed over more than 10 geographical locations from all around the world, Serpstat hosts millions of search queries and information better than any other existing SEO analysis tool in the market.


If you want to know Serpstat more then do read my Serpstat Review.

Semrush SEO Tool

Semrush is an Adwords and keyword research tool that provides for extensive analysis of the competitor growth strategy in the market. It creates detailed reports on the traffic generated and the keywords the competitors are ranking for. It also provides audit tools and custom APIs as well. Though slightly smaller than the Serpstat database, Semrush has nevertheless survived the intense competition in the current market.

Serpstat Vs Semrush – Features

Here are the features of Serpstat & Semrush.

Serpstat Features

Why Serpstat is my Favorite tool?

If your blog is growing big day by day in terms of data, it becomes a headache to manage the technical aspects regularly. Later, if not managed and appropriately fixed, these create numerous sitewide errors that are unnoticeable to your eyes.

The Google Web Crawlers catch those errors as they are crucial ranking factors for Search Engines. Thus, Google will serve you repeated warnings of site errors to fix them every now and then.
Now, think, you have a huge site, with those hundreds of SEO errors as warnings. Your SERP rankings are going down day by day. You are worried about traffic. Panic attack!
Wait… wait… wait…
You need not worry that much. I will help you achieve the freedom from the frustration of checking your site errors daily, whether your changes are bringing any effect or not, what are the changes that are effective and what are not…
Before you see your site analytics with bottlenecking traffic, make sure you follow the right path to keep track of everything happening around your site regularly.
Now, you can ask me “how?” how will “I” check my site every day? How can I manage this many of errors with ease?
Yes, you can do that. Serpstat has launched a new feature exclusively for this problem.

The feature is called Page Audit. It is a unique solution for your website. It helps to check for a specific page for any technical errors and also for numbers of pages at a time.

Let’s have a look at how useful is the Page Audit tool.
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What benefits does the page audit offer?
1. Technical error monitoring: You get an edge over tracking the page errors and monitoring each page effectively with this feature. Even, it helps you check, audit, and recommends fixes for multiple ranking factor errors that necessarily needs to be fixed for a healthy blog.
2. Deep Page analysis:  You can perform an in-depth analysis of any page. If you have a big site but need complete analysis for a particular page, then there is no faster way than this. It can scan the relevant pages, pages that attract the most traffic, landing pages, etc.
3. Page Load time tracking: Increasing competition among webmasters triggered Google to consider Page loading a critical SEO factor. The faster your page, the higher it will help your page rank—especially when it comes to mobile search. So, this page-load tracking option enables you to check not only the page loading time of each page of your website but also for your main blog page…
4. Competitive analysis: To know which competitor’s page ranks better than you in the SERP and why—it will make you understand the opportunities that you can incorporate in your pages. You can check the areas you are lacking and can also make appropriate changes.
5. Evaluation of the changes: When you make a change to some settings, optimized a page, or modified any existing errors, it shows you an overall effect of those changes. With this option, you can quickly know whether the changes brought any bad consequences or helped improve the pages.
It assesses and prompts you to repeat the audit to fix any adverse effects.
serpstat features
  1. Excellent SEO
  2. Provision for multiple user accounts
  3. Data export and import feasibility
  4. Extensive data visualization
  5. Highly interactive dashboard with great UI
  6. Advanced analytics system
  7. Real-time notification
  8. Brand management
  9. Easy integration with third-party software
  10. Automation of the marketing system
  11. API
  12. On-page audits
  13. Detailed reports and infographics
  14. Tracking of ranks and competitor analysis
  15. Ideation of content marketing strategies


Semrush Features

Semrush Features
  1. Domain-specific tracking of keywords incorporation
  2. Crawl audit tool
  3. Backlinks
  4. Ranking system
  5. Keyword research
  6. Organic reports of competitor analysis
  7. Comparison of different SEO metrics
  8. Adsense
  9. Organic research and advertising
  10. Multiple site tracking

A comparative analysis of the features between the two tools demonstrates the fact that Serpstat is more versatile than Semrush in terms of implementation. While Semrush provides backlinks and organic search, Serpstat comes off heavier with its automated market research, real-time notifications and extensive keyword mining criteria. Thus, Serpstat definitely proves itself better with its excellent features and specifications as such.


Serpstat Vs Semrush – Result & Accuracy

If we talk about the keyword search results and accuracy then I would say Serpstat is far better than Semrush. You can’t even expect any accurate search results from SEMrush if you are into affiliate marketing. That’s why I stopped using SEMrush a long time ago. For the best results and accuracy, I prefer Google Adwords planner & Serpstat. I love the way Serpstat shows the data and especially their rank tracking tool is my love.

If any of you readers want to know why I stopped using Semrush then he/she can read my Semrush review here.

Serpstat Vs Semrush – Business Type Applicability

While Semrush is best suited for small, medium and large business types, Serpstat goes a step ahead with its additional support for freelance based business apart from the existing three business types. This is essentially important considering the fact that Serpstat specifically caters to the individual requirements and comes off more as an entrepreneur-friendly SEO tool.

Serpstat Vs Semrush – Devices Supported

Serpstat upholds cross-platform integration which can be clearly demonstrated in its support for Windows, Linux, Android, ios and web-based device types respectively. Semrush, on the other hand, supports all the above-mentioned device types except for Linux based systems.

Serpstat Vs Semrush – Pricing

While Serpstat starts at quite an affordable pricing at $19, Semrush, on the other hand, offers its product at a whopping $99. Serpstat offers SMB friendly packages and schemes that vary from free to premium users. Typically, a guest user can avail its services for free and enjoy the benefits of around 10 queries per day, 10 results for each report and an in-depth analysis of the corresponding URLs. However, when it comes to Semrush, the pricing model hosts four primary schemes namely pro, guru, business and annual and the offerings for the same vary accordingly.

Serpstat Pricing plan

serpstat pricing


Semrush Pricing plan


Semrush Pricing

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Serpstat Vs Semrush – Language & Technical Support

Here is the list of language support offered by both Tools.

Language Support by Serpstat

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. International
  5. Russia

Language Support by Semrush

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. China
  5. Germany
  6. India
  7. Japan

Clearly, Semrush takes the upper hand, in this case, considering its wide applicability in terms of the language support that it offers to the corresponding customers.

Technical Support Offered by Serpstat Vs Semrush

Serpstat offers excellent technical support to its customers in terms of email, telecommunication, live support, and training. However, Semrush provides additional support in the form of ticketing to enable better technical support to its customers on the whole.You may like to read,

Serpstat Vs Semrush – Client Satisfaction & User Happiness

According to a market survey conducted, it has been observed that around 99.99 percent of customers hold a favourable response to Serpstat while only 94 percent prefer Semrush over others.

Serpstat Testimonials
Serpstat Testimonials
Semrush Testimonials
Semrush Testimonials

Serpstat Vs Semrush – Conclusion

There are both pros and cons to any particular product. However, when its features and specifications are analyzed on a greater scale, we get a greater perspective of why and how the product is better than the ones already existent in the market.

Likewise goes the conclusion of the comparison that we adopted to decide which of the two SEO tools owns a better standard. And, we do have a winner in this case! Serpstat.
Although there are a few criteria in which Semrush performed exceptionally well yet the greater part of the criteria uphold Serpstat to be the better performing candidate in the market. Additionally, with its high-end features, easy implementation, and better pricing strategy, it has gained the favour of many a consumer in the market.
Also, the number of users who are satisfied with the given product is formidably greater in number than the ones for Semrush.
Hence, we can definitely conclude that Serpstat is the better of the two!
Try Semrush!
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