Can I get Grammarly premium for fre?

can i get grammarly premium for free

If you’re wondering ‘can I get Grammarly premium for free‘ then the answer is Yes. But you can’t get it officially free but there are ways that will help you. Here, you’ll learn all the ways and a perfect answer to your query ‘Can you get Grammarly premium for free or not‘.


Which plans are available with Grammarly? 


1. Grammarly Free Version

The free software version can check spelling and grammar mistakes without paying a single penny. But it has some limitations and will not correct minutes’ error.

2. Grammarly Premium Plan 

The premium version will correct even a small error and has many add –ons to make your content clean and perfect. It goes best with academic, technical and even creative writing and thus makes your content error-free. The premium version checks the content based on grammar rules and so there is no room for any mistakes.

How Can I get Grammarly premium for free? 

Officially it is not possible to get Grammarly premium for free. But, yes some ways can make it possible which are explained below:

#1. For Bloggers


  1. Bloggers who have their blogs or website can sign up at CLICK HERE and use it for correction.
  2. Next, write a business proposal to Grammarly about the free version of the tool and show your willingness to write for a sponsored post. So, you need to get access to the premium version of the tool.
  3. The team would give free access to the Grammarly tool for 1 month so you can come up with the best-sponsored post for Grammarly that includes your personal experience.
  4. Make sure to send the URL after publishing the post to the affiliate department and upon approval of the proposal you can get Grammarly’s Premium service for free.

#2. Normal Users 

Normal writers who are not able to afford the cost of the premium version can go for the Grammarly Premium Free Version. So, for that Click this LINK and go for “Get started, It’s free”. This will give access to the tool for free and thus able to make error-free content.

If you are a writer and looking to come up with clean and engaging content, nothing is better than the Grammarly tool. But the question is how to get Grammarly premium for free in order to correct spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation. The free version of the tool is efficient enough but has some limitations resolved with a premium account.

Here we will show how Grammarly can help to get clean and error-free content. How to create an account and add an extension to the browser? This will also focus on how bloggers and normal users can get a Grammarly premium account for free and thus come up with engaging content.

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What is Grammarly?

It is a checking tool for all types of writers that correct all your mistakes and comes up with error-free content. It can correct the structure of the content and make it look perfect. The best part is writers can rectify their own mistakes and in the future can avoid them to come up with clean and Grammarly-perfect writing.

Grammarly also has a plagiarism checker that checks for the uniqueness of the content. If your content is plagiarized it will help to correct it and come up with plagiarized free content. This tool is based on grammar rules and so avoiding any of them will give you an alert for correction. The tool can detect mistakes along with solutions so that writers are not only able to correct them but also learn about their mistakes to avoid in the future.

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