Grammarly Business vs Premium- A Detailed Comparison

grammarly business vs premium

Grammarly Business vs Premium: Grammarly is a writing assistant that improves writing skills and correctness. It offers real-time suggestions to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style to improve clarity and coherence.

Grammarly has two main subscription options, “Grammarly Business” and “Grammarly Premium,” each serving different user needs. Grammarly Business offers collaborative tools and administrative controls for businesses. Grammarly Premium provides personalized writing assistance with advanced grammar checks and vocabulary enhancement.

Grammarly Business vs Premium

Modern businesses depend on effective communication. Writing well in emails, reports, and marketing materials helps team members and clients understand. Grammarly Business addresses this need by revolutionizing how companies write and improving language proficiency across the organization.

Comparison Between Grammarly Business vs Premium:

FeatureGrammarly BusinessGrammarly Premium
Target AudienceBusinesses and Professional TeamsIndividual Users (Students, Professionals, Writers)
Advanced Grammar ChecksYesYes
Contextual SuggestionsYesYes
Plagiarism DetectionYesYes
Vocabulary EnhancementNoYes
Clarity and ConcisenessYesYes
Genre-Specific WritingNoYes
Integration & CollaborationYesNo
Customized Style GuidelinesYesNo
Subscription & PricingRequires subscription for each business team member.


Individual subscriptions with various pricing options


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What’s Grammarly Business?

grammarly business

Grammarly Business is a business-focused version of Grammarly’s writing assistance platform. Grammarly, founded in 2009, has over 30 million users worldwide. Grammarly Business enhances its parent platform to meet the writing needs of businesses of all sizes.

Benefits and Features

Advanced Grammar and Spelling Checks: Grammarly Business meticulously analyzes written content using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms. It automatically corrects a wide range of grammar and spelling errors, ensuring that each message and document meets the highest linguistic standards.

Contextual Writing Suggestions: Grammarly Business offers context-specific writing suggestions. It understands a sentence’s intent and context and offers precise and tailored improvements. This improves the audience’s reception of the final message.

Plagiarism detection: Business writing must be original. Grammarly Business’s plagiarism checker checks text against a massive database of web pages and documents to ensure authenticity. This feature protects companies from accidental plagiarism and instils confidence in their work.

Tone and Clarity Enhancements: Effective communication often depends on tone and clarity. Grammarly Business helps users adjust their writing tone to suit their audience, whether formal, professional, friendly, or persuasive. Companies can better express their ideas by clarifying language.

Integration and Collaboration: Grammarly Business works with Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and various web browsers. Team members can share documents and get real-time feedback with its collaborative features. This promotes teamwork and consistent writing quality across the organization.

Customized Style Guidelines: Following the company’s style guide and brand messaging is essential. Grammarly Business lets businesses create and enforce custom style guidelines to ensure all written communication matches the brand’s identity and voice.

Communication Impact:  Grammarly Business can dramatically improve an organization’s communication.

Professional Image: Businesses can appear more professional to clients and stakeholders by reducing grammar errors and improving writing clarity.

Time Savings: Grammarly Business speeds up writing and proofreading.

Increased Productivity: Employees can collaborate and work more efficiently.

Improved Customer Experience: Clear and compelling communication strengthens customer relationships, improving customer satisfaction.

Employee Development: Grammarly Business helps employees improve their writing skills for personal and professional growth.

Business communication has changed with Grammarly Business. It helps organizations improve their writing and present a professional image with its grammar and spelling checks, context-specific writing suggestions, plagiarism detection, and collaborative features.

What is Grammarly Premium?

grammarly premium

Perfect writing is powerful in an age when communication is crucial in personal and professional life. However, writing clearly and accurately is difficult. Grammarly Premium improves writing and communication. Grammarly Premium improves writing, as this article explains.

Grammarly Premium is a paid writing assistance platform. Grammarly Premium enhances the free version’s features to improve writing. Grammarly Premium, an extension of the free version, has revolutionized writing improvement tools.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Grammar Checks: Grammarly Premium uses AI and NLP algorithms to perform comprehensive grammar checks. It detects complex grammatical errors, subject-verb agreement, sentence structure problems, and more. High-quality writing is guaranteed.

Vocabulary Enhancement: Grammarly Premium corrects errors and improves vocabulary. It suggests alternative words to make writing more expressive and engaging. This feature helps users avoid repetitive language.

Clarity and Conciseness: Communication requires clear and concise writing. Grammarly Premium helps you condense sentences without losing meaning. This simplifies the final message, especially in professional and academic settings.

Genre-Specific Writing Style: Successful communication requires writing for specific genres and audiences. Grammarly Premium gives genre-specific writing style suggestions. Grammarly Premium handles business emails, academic essays, and creative writing.

Plagiarism detection: Writing must be original. Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism checker compares text to a large database of academic papers, published articles, and web pages to ensure content is original. This feature helps students, academics, and professionals create original work.

Advanced Tone and Politeness Checks: Business and professional writing requires understanding tone and politeness. Grammarly Premium offers nuanced tone suggestions for formal, casual, friendly, and persuasive messages. This aids communication in various situations.

Writing Ability: 

  • Grammarly Premium’s thorough grammar checks and suggestions give writers confidence that their writing is error-free and well-presented.
  • Grammarly Premium simplifies the writing process, saving time on revisions and proofreading.
  • Grammarly Premium improves language skills, vocabulary, and writing style over time.
  • Writing improves career growth. Grammarly Premium helps professionals communicate effectively and advance their careers.
  • Grammarly Premium helps students and academics write well-structured, polished essays, research papers, and assignments, improving academic performance.

Grammarly Premium surpasses traditional grammar checkers. Grammar, vocabulary, clarity, genre-specific writing style, plagiarism detection, and tone suggestions improve writing and communication. Grammarly Premium helps users write flawless, engaging content and express themselves confidently in personal, academic, and professional settings. Grammarly Premium lets you write powerfully.

Comparison Between Grammarly Business and Grammarly Premium:

1. Target Audience:

Grammarly Business: This version addresses business and professional writing needs. It serves small, medium, and large companies. Grammarly Business helps businesspeople write and speak better.

Grammarly Premium: Grammarly Premium targets individuals. Students, professionals, academics, writers, and anyone wanting to improve their writing can use it. Grammarly Premium helps improve personal, academic, and professional writing.

2. Features:

Grammarly Business: 

  1. Advanced Grammar and Spelling Checks: Grammarly Business offers advanced grammar and spelling checks. It fixes complex grammatical errors.
  2. Contextual Writing Suggestions: This feature offers context-specific suggestions to improve writing clarity and effectiveness. Grammarly Business tailors suggestions to sentence intent.
  3. Plagiarism Detection: Professional writing requires plagiarism detection. Grammarly Business’s plagiarism checker checks text against a large database of sources to ensure authenticity.
  4. Tone and Clarity Enhancements: Grammarly Business helps users tailor their writing to their audience. It also helps clarify language, improving communication.
  5. Integration and Collaboration: Grammarly Business integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and web browsers because businesses use multiple writing platforms. Its collaborative features enable real-time feedback and document sharing, promoting teamwork and consistent written content across the organization.

Grammarly Premium: 

  1. Advanced Grammar Checks: Like Grammarly Business, Grammarly Premium detects and corrects complex grammatical errors.
  2. Vocabulary Enhancement: This feature helps users improve their writing by suggesting better words.
  3. Clarity and Conciseness: Grammarly Premium helps you simplify sentences without losing meaning. In academic and professional settings, clarity and brevity are crucial.
  4. Genre-Specific Writing Style: Grammarly Premium offers personalized suggestions based on genre and purpose. Grammarly Premium customizes its suggestions for business emails, academic papers, and creative writing.
  5. Plagiarism Detection: Grammarly Premium checks for plagiarism, like Grammarly Business. It helps students, academics, and professionals avoid accidental plagiarism.

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Use Cases:

Grammarly Business:

  1. Business Communication: Effective written communication is essential in business. Grammarly Business ensures professional communication with clients, partners, and stakeholders by eliminating errors.
  2. Team Collaboration: Grammarly Business is great for team projects and assignments. Document sharing and real-time feedback improve teamwork and writing quality.
  3. Customized Style Guidelines: Businesses can use style guidelines to ensure all written communication matches their brand identity and voice, improving messaging consistency.

Grammarly Premium

  1. Academic Writing: Grammarly Premium helps students and academics write well-structured, polished essays, research papers, and assignments. It improves academic writing.
  2. Professional Writing: Grammarly Premium improves business emails, reports, proposals, and other work-related documents. It ensures error-free client, colleague, and superior communication.
  3. Creative Writing: Grammarly Premium can improve novels, articles, blog posts, and other creative writing.

Subscription and Pricing:

Grammarly Business: Grammarly Business requires business team members to subscribe. Users and billing cycle (monthly or annually) determine pricing. Generally, it costs $15/month/member. A minimum of 3 members are required to subscribe Grammarly business plan.

Grammarly Premium: Individual users subscribe to Grammarly Premium. Monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions vary in price.

Grammarly Business and Grammarly Premium both help writers, but for different purposes. Grammarly Business has collaboration features and is designed for businesses. Grammarly Premium is for people who want to improve their writing in personal, academic, and professional settings. The user’s needs and whether they need team or individual writing support to determine which version to use.


Grammarly Business and Grammarly Premium serve different users. Grammarly Business prioritizes collaboration and administrative controls for businesses and teams, while Grammarly Premium prioritizes personalized writing assistance for individuals. B. User-driven recommendation: Grammarly Business or Grammarly Premium depends on user needs. Grammarly Business is best for collaboration and administrative controls. Grammarly Premium can help users improve their writing with personalized writing help and advanced grammar checks.

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